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Water This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Footprints behind me disappear slowly, evaporating in the heat. I look back and see my father smiling at me. On the edge of the bright blue shining pool, I bend over my tiny feet and look into the deep abyss. Suddenly I am submerged. I inhale and... (more »)
Same choices, different perspectives
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Often, people with mental illness are looked down on and blamed for "poor choices" which led to their disease. But many choices that may cause mental illness, also often cause physical illness. Lifestyle causes of the specific mental... (more »)
Hey Fatass!
Luckily, I’m not wearing any mascara today. The tissue around my eyes is swollen and the capillaries so red you can see the stress on each one. My face is tear-streaked, but the tears have mostly slid away and only the taste of salt and the dry... (more »)
Food Wars
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Delicious turkey, savory roast, scrumptious casserole, tasty mashed potatoes and… Pink slime? That's right! Most of the "fast food" we eat these days really isn't food at all! Fast food is a Molotov cocktail of chemicals and... (more »)
Dorm Food: A Healthy Choice
Around this time last year, I decided to attend Arizona State University, not to receive an education, but to get the right to eat whatever food I wished. Some people have the “Freshman 15” on their mind; my goal is much higher than that.... (more »)
Vegetarianism: The Vilification and Virtues of...
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Vegetarianism is often thought of as a hippie fad or a relative of the organic and local food movements. In fact, vegetarianism--voluntary abstinence from the consumption of animal flesh--has been around since ancient times. The vegetarian diet... (more »)
Coping with Writer's Block
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Often I have come across many writers who have come across what they call 'A writer's block'. This is a situation in which they find their brains 'blank' of writing material, or run out of ideas.This can be really harmful... (more »)
By , Green Bay, WI
I am catholic. I am a teenager. And well my religion preaches my hormones do the same. I know the attraction to Sex, and believe me, I am not preaching abstinence. I am kind of known as a Condom advocate at my school. STD and Pregnancy protection!... (more »)
The Red Box
The only thing I remember is seeing something that looked like a “red box” as the EMTS carried me out of my house. While I was sleeping I had an asthma attack. I was about five years old and it was about the last severe asthma attack I've... (more »)
Hope Starts With Us
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About twenty-six percent of adult Americans have a mental disorder. And that's only statistics for people aged eighteen or older. So then, why are mental disabilities regarded differently than physical problems? Why does bipolar disorder... (more »)
Fitness, The Key To Happiness
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Being exceptionally fit is being muscular but it is very rare in today's society. Many people do not fit into the exceptionally fit category due to many reasons. Lack of motivation to be healthy is a major reason, others may be very... (more »)
Marijuana What is marijuana? Marijuana is a word used to describe the dried flower seeds of the Indian hemp plant. On the street, it has many other names, such as: astro turf, bhang, dagga, dope, ganja, grass, hemp, homegrown, J, Mary... (more »)
School Lunch Uncovered
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As much as good nutrition is essential for developing teens, lunch at high school is “unhealthy, costly, and not what we usually eat at home” students said. Could Non-cafeteria lunch be the reason for unhealthy habits in teens diets? Though... (more »)
What makes you happy?
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What makes you happy? Different things make different people happy. I am going to look at all different aspects of how to make you live a happier life. It feels great to be happy but did you know there are other benefits to being happy. Being... (more »)
Nutrition Facts
By , new york, NY
The fact is that a lot of people don’t know what nutrition is or what having good nutrition means, which is one of the reasons that the nutrition fact label is being redone by the FDA: to inform people about what it is they are eating. Having a... (more »)
By , karachi area ghulan-e-iqbal, Pakistan
Dengue is a dangerous disease. Aedes Aegypti mosquito is responsible for spreading dengue.It breed in fresh water unlike the malarial anopheles mosquito which prefers any stagnant water to breed.In fact any mosquito that bites a dengue victim... (more »)
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