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Remember those stressful nights where you sit and do your homework at 2:00 am trying to keep your eyes open? And all of this is just because of your procrastination. Procrastination makes you stressed out, tired and lowers your grades.... (more »)
Those Who Mind This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The odds of someone winning the lottery are about 1 in 175 million. And if this person wants to start a family, well, they have a 1 in 30 chance of having twins. Regardless if this family has twins or not, the odds that the child will be... (more »)
Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
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Sleep is a very important part of your everyday routine. It affects your mood throughout the day, immune system, and your brain. As you are sleeping, many important things are happening inside your body. For example, your immune system... (more »)
We Need to Focus on the Consequences of College...
By , Independence, MO
College campuses all over the country have problems with rape at their schools. They claim they are going to put a stop to it, but are they really going to? Universities have been saying that they are going to have more rape kits and build up a... (more »)
Teens and Drugs
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Most teens usually start doing drugs when they are stressed or want to ease the pain for those who’ve hurt them. A lot of teens say that they have been through alot and are tired of feeling all of the pain. Students say it is easy for... (more »)
Teen Pregnancy
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If you are 15-19  just had a baby or about to have a baby, then you need to read this! Teens all around the world become or became pregnant every year. Teens need some kind of help, but sometimes they can't get any help their parents... (more »)
Kids and Guns
By , independance, MO
should kids be allowed to fire guns? pistols, snipers, and high caliber rifles, there's no harm, we all know that shooting improves hand eye coordination, and is a great stress reliever. learning to shoot a gun can be a great thing in the... (more »)
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Do you think obesity is a related to fast food? Have you found yourself supersizing? Fast food does more bad than good for you. It can cause you many issues with everyday life. Americans should not eat fast food on a regular basis because... (more »)
Cigarettes Should Only Be Sold to People Who...
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Cigarettes should only be sold to people who are 60 years old or older You know when you pass your driver’s test you can get your license, right? What if there was a licence for people 60 years or older, so only they could get... (more »)
The Future of Sex Education
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Teen pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are a huge problem for the country. The financial and emotional strain of a pregnancy is too much for many teenagers and even those that are able to handle it have a hard time providing... (more »)
The Monsters Inside of Us
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Throughout the years,Mental illness’ have been pushed aside as simply a choice,when it is actually the complete opposite. Mental illness’ are a serious threat to our youth and must be recognized by adults and parents alike in order... (more »)
How To Protect Your Bones
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There is now a window of opportunity for teenagers, especially young women, to prevent a bone disease that results in weak bones susceptible to fractures. Osteoporosis affects approximately 10 million people in the United States alone, 80% of... (more »)
Smoking Should Be Outlawed
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Have you ever drove past someone smoking and looking at their kid choking on the smells? This as well as many others is a reason smoking should be illegal. I’m not saying everyone who smokes should be arrested, I’m just saying there... (more »)
Overcoming Sickle-Cell This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My mother woke me up at 8 a.m. I headed to the bathroom to shower. Looking at my arm, I could see the bruises and marks from the countless needles that had pierced my weak skin in the past month. After my shower, I put on the clothes laid out... (more »)
Fifty Days with Alice This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Wayland, MA
I spent last summer in a locked psychiatric unit that specializes in eating disorders. The ward is called Alice, and I was there from July to September. While my peers went to the beach and the mall, I spent my days in group therapy trying to... (more »)
Freedom Is Not Free
By , Clarence, NY
The agony. The concealed suffering. The excruciating pain. All taking place inside of your head. Everyone says that, “It will get better,” or to “Stay positive and be patient,” but they don’t understand how long you have been waiting... (more »)
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