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Here are the most recent health articles:

Hope for Childhood Cancer
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Every year thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer. It is something that most kids don't need to worry about until they become one of the statistics. Luckly, the death rate for childhood cancer has steadily decreased although it is... (more »)
A Personal, but Common, Struggle
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You always hear people talking about how society influences women to lose weight and stop eating and it causes all these psychological and physical problems and you think "That's stupid. I could never be influenced by other people's opinions or by... (more »)
Instagram's New #HereForYou Campaign: The...
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Instagram has been popular since 2010, and the new popular hashtag going around is the "#HereForYou" campaign. It was first introduced May 8th on Good Morning America, and it takes on awareness for mental health. It encourages users... (more »)
The Importance of Sports
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People all over the world play sports in order to keep them fit and healthy. As many people say that all work no play makes jack a dull boy. From this example we get the idea about the importance of sports. Sports keep us mentally and physically... (more »)
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One day you are sitting in your house and watching TV. You feel something painful on the left side of your chest and suddenly you fall unconscious. You are rushed to the hospital but your doctors say it is unlikely they will be able to save... (more »)
Medication First?
By , Morris Plains, NJ
In any given school day, students are getting into trouble for doing something wrong, absurd or even crazy for attention. For example, a student may tap their pencil which can disturb fellow classmates. However, these students do not do these... (more »)
Planes Guarantee the Safest Journey
By , Salalah, Oman
Today in the world many people are travelling across the world through different vehicles. They are concerned with the safest journey. In my opinion the safest journey in the world is the plane. They are fast. They can be uncomfortable but they... (more »)
Making Connections: Intersectionality in Mental...
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Last spring, students at Ithaca College held a panel to raise awareness for mental health. The students discussed their personal experiences with mental illness in marginalized communities, and  opened a conversation in an attempt to break... (more »)
Marijuana Legalization
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Marijuana? Legal or not many people still use it. Marijuana, also known as pot, weed, etc, is smoked to get high, but it also has many positive effects and should be legalized. If tobacco and alcohol are legal at a certain age, so should... (more »)
Eating Healthy
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In life food takes an important role in your life that's why Eating healthy is important for everyone especially teens. A healthy diet is the key to being fit. It is unlike any diet. You will feel so pure balanced and alert. It even... (more »)
LGBT Mental State of Well-being
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Mental health is  known as a state of well being and it is the way a person can cope with difficulties and stress they face in daily life. Mental health is a huge for problem for a lot of people and a person either has good or bad mental... (more »)
Suicide is a huge problem in the world. Over 400,000 people take their lives each year... Although losing anyone to suicide is terrible, even worse, most suicides are in teens ages 13-20. Anyone, at anytime could be suffering from depression. Help... (more »)
Post Traumatic Stress in Rape Victims
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Rape of children and adults is very common nowadays in the real world. It’s an ongoing problem that is plaguing society today.Though at times people do not think of it as a big problem, it is rapidly growing. Until people begin to do... (more »)
His Second Chance
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Small towns are a peculiar thing.  Every person is important, but it takes something drastic for us to realize this.  May first is a day that will be infamous in my small town’s history.  May first is the day a dear friend... (more »)
Cliff Jumps
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Paddling for hours on end might not sound like much fun to many people, but it is one reason I love the Boundary Waters. Spending time away from all the chatter of civilization is a very good relaxing activity. When at the Boundary Waters Canoe... (more »)
Plaque Be Gone
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The average shark has 300 teeth in various stages of development in their mouth at any given time. Humans have 32 teeth that last their whole life. Shark teeth are not that durable, and they constantly lose and replace their teeth. Humans have... (more »)
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