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The Choking Game This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Throughout high school, student sit through lecture after lecture on drunk driving and drugs. The dangers are drilled into our heads. But not enough is said about the choking game. This “game” consists of strangling yourself or having someone... (more »)
Life After the Wall This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
I recall staring at a wall. I had no idea what had just happened. I was surrounded by people who were anxiously calling my name. Adults were saying, “Give her space!” I couldn't move my body to look around me. The wall was all I could see.... (more »)
Incomplete Application This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Tilton, NH
When attempting to fill out the Common App, The document that will determine what college I can go to, Will determine what the rest of my life is going to look like, I came across the following essay prompt: “Some students have a background... (more »)
By , Warren, OH
Have you ever felt that your existence wasn't real? That the "self" that you created in everyone's memories was a fake; a lie. When you think about it the fake smile you force yourself to make is part of who you wish you were;... (more »)
The Little Girl Who Didn't Want to Get Fat...
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Isabelle Caro was born on September 12th, 1982 to Marie Caro in Aubergenville, France. Her mother fell into mental illness when Caro was 4 and she became obsessed with restraining Caro’s growth. Mrs. Caro heard that fresh air aided children’s... (more »)
A Letter to Sickle Cell Anemia
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Dear Sickle Cell Anemia, You’ve taken many lives. You’ve stolen my uncle in bits and pieces right before my mother’s eyes, when she was only six. You’ve carried away my childhood in your unrelenting arms, and dyed my wool black, setting... (more »)
Authority not helping Depression & Suicide
By , Manchester, CT
Depression is something we all face but will never know how to go about getting rid of it. Everyone always says things will get better but will they really? Everything seems just so distant and impossible. All of us have our own ways of drowning... (more »)
Reality 1
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Friendship. It’s a term people use a lot. To me, it’s a process of creating ‘bonds’. These ‘bonds’ are spiritual, the moment a person knows somebody else deeply and the other responds positively, a ‘bond’ is created. A ‘bond’... (more »)
Body Image, My Weight, and Growing Up in a...
By , Lawrenceville, NJ
I have read all the stuff on Tumblr about the hypocritical the society I am growing up in. There is this whole double standard of “do what you want”, “be confident in your body no matter what shape or size” with the underlying “oh but... (more »)
Death by Silence (trigger warning)
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The living, happy girl is dead now. The traitorous heart which once supported her has started pounding its way into oblivion, each shuddering breath a reminder of what once was life. At first she denied it, denied that her first thought each... (more »)
School Foods Around the World
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Everyone has memories of walking into the school caf, chattering with their group of friends and pushing their way through a throng of hungry classmates. But what memories do they hold of their meals? Where they like many others, and stood in long... (more »)
On the Spectrum
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When my mother told me that she was having another baby, I remember laughing and asking her if she was just pulling my leg. When she assured me that, no, she wasn’t, I sat down and tried to absorb the news as slowly as possible, thinking through... (more »)
Nature's drug store
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In today’s world of chemical pollution and poisoned resources, a way of life surrounding the natural elements is increasingly attractive. Even in medicine we have discovered that the so called wonder drugs are a mixed blessing bringing a range... (more »)
Feeding the Monster
By , Winnetka, IL
I was thirteen when I first encountered the monster. He wasn’t the under bed, or in the closet, or even on the blurry television set that sits atop my dresser. He was inside me. And he wanted to take control. Initially, I discounted his snide... (more »)
Breathless This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I hit one knee on the ice, placing most of my weight on my stick. I try to take a few deep breaths, but that is easier said than done for an asthmatic like me. I close my eyes, cursing my lungs for rebelling. Then I curse myself for putting them... (more »)
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Therapy This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Therapy is for the crazy. The lunatics. The people with problems. I don't have problems. How can I, the varsity athlete, principal cellist, class president, be sitting inside the office of a therapist? But I am. The therapist's office is a... (more »)
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