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By , citrus heights, CA
L-living hell O-out of my mind V-verge of death E-everythings fine   Imagine if you were so upset (depressed) that you were sitting in your room crying with a blade in your hand. Door locked so no one can stop you or save you... (more »)
Long Term Effects of Child Abuse: You’re Not...
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Child and teen abuse is a serious problem that most people can’t see in actual people outside of heath class examples.  Between home beatings, sexual assault, and being told you’re not good enough kids around the world are... (more »)
A Life-Changing Diagnosis This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Ever since I can remember, I've known something wasn't right. My sister was never exhausted by simple tasks, my friends never complained about how much it hurt just to move. My joints slipped in and out of place for no apparent reason, causing... (more »)
Dealing with Depression
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Many people have known someone with depression or they have battled it themselves. Today the number of people with depression is extremely high, especially in teenagers. I have known many who have had to battle this horrific disease everyday. My... (more »)
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All over the news you hear about plastic surgery and body injections such as BOTOX, And the people who do these are celebrities, but do those celcebrities know how harmful these body modifiers are? well if you are not aware then they are very... (more »)
9 Reasons You Shouldn't Count Calories
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A lot of the time when people want to lose weight, they think that calorie restriction is the best/only way to go about it. We’ve been told our whole lives that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. However, that... (more »)
The Truth About Vaccinations
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Trypanophobia- the phobia of needles.  While this is quite common amongst both the youth and adult population, some needle pricks can be key to human survival.  I'm talking about vaccinations.       ... (more »)
It's Not All Fun and Games
One in four girls or 25% of young women experience sexual abuse by the age of 18. However, only about 31% of teen sexual abuse incidents are reported. But what defines sexual assault? The answer is simple; ANY type of unwanted sexual contact is... (more »)
Do You Even Lift?
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People exercise in all different ways in order to achieve a healthy, good-looking body. One of the more popular forms of exercise is weight lifting. It is believed that weightlifting is done for the sole purpose of building bigger muscles and... (more »)
Can You Hear Me?
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“Did you know that the number of teenagers with hearing loss from slight to severe has jumped 33 percent since 1994?” (Virginia Heffernan). Headphones are a big part of this. They are dangerous, especially if people use them daily... (more »)
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The Perfect Image
By , marengo, IA
At a young age, society has given an image of what a healthy, active person is to look like. Giving children Barbies and action figures like G.I. Joe to play with has given them an unhealthy image to live up to. The DDD bust and size 2 bottom... (more »)
THH: Sleepyhead Tween
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Maybe it's the partying. The music. The annoying friends that promote partying with music. Whatever it is, you could say teenagers are becoming nocturnal. Only they're not. Despite a killer amount of energy and metabolism to burn, the average... (more »)
A Teen Living with Lupus
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Living with a chronic illness that is internal is not easy. People can.t see how you feel and what the illness is doing to you, you always hear things like you don't even look sick or you seem just fine you can't possible be sick. But what they... (more »)
Why Me?
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I sit on the cold leather seated chairs. Curled up in a gown two sizes too big. My Christmas fuzzy socks sticking out at the bottom. The smell of cleaning supplies is like burned into my nostrils from smelling it so often.I look back at the... (more »)
It's Not Worth It
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I've seen it before in the hallways. In the faces of girls who walk by me with faulty step, struggling to walk because of it. In the face of the girl who throws out her lunch tray, uneaten. In the girls who wear sweaters in the... (more »)
Teen Pregnancy
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In today’s society teens pregnancy has increased sustainably. Although everyone should use condoms; Parents of teens, ages 15 to 20 should advise their kids to use protection.  Teen pregnancies in the United States in 2013,a total of... (more »)
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