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Here are the most recent health articles:

Sexual Assault on College Campuses
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Women ages eighteen to twenty-four are three times more likely to experience sexual assault, including but not limited to rape. Every ninety-eight seconds an American is sexually assaulted (Rainn). With the immense publicity recent cases such... (more »)
The Wrong Approach
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I am just a few months away from receiving a diploma worth twelve years of education and will stand on a stage facing my fellow peers, family and loved ones. At that moment I will be able to reflect upon what I have learned in various... (more »)
Eye Improvement with Games
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Most parents think that videogames are awful for the eyes and that you should stop playing video games if you don’t want to go blind, but this information is in the past. Now scientists learned that certain types of video games are... (more »)
Smoking the Death Away
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In the United States, there are about 8.2 million arrest for possession and/or usage of marijuana(Marijuana).  It’s usually produced from a farm. Then it’s sold to many different customers who tend to make use of it by... (more »)
What's Inside Your Food?
By , sacramento, CA
Obesity is a problem that's limiting what people may want to do in life, it’s all creating a bunch of diseases, which is leading towards unhealthy people. It’s important for the people to actually read the food labels to see... (more »)
No Frequent Hair Dyeing!
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People around me all dye their hair as if they are eating food everyday. The colors are bright, pale, dark, or even sometimes very vivid; neon almost. I find them not attractive and they can also damage your hair. I have a few of my... (more »)
A Solution to the Obesity Epidemic
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The U.S. is the number one leading country in the obesity epidemic, due to the excessive amount of fast and unhealthy food and inflation towards healthier foods. Whether the cause be low socioeconomic households not being able to afford... (more »)
A Monthly Gift that Woman Desire
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Being a woman is such a wonderful thing when getting your monthly gift. It is the best three to seven days of any woman's life. Experiencing abdominal pain, mood swings, cravings, bloating, back pain, and acne is a choice that any women... (more »)
What Depression Really Is
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Depression. It can really be a thorn in your side, can't it? Some people like to think that it just comes and goes. But it never leaves. No matter how much you want it to. It stays with you every day, every night and every minute of your... (more »)
The Love of Dogs
By , Escalon, CA
Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says, “Who rescued who?” It is referring to the wonderful impact dogs can have on our lives. People tend to have very intimate connections with their dogs who altar our lives in many ways.... (more »)
Self-Harm and Its Effects
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Have you ever felt worthless? Have you ever felt like there was no way out? Well that is how most of the people feel who self harm. One in five females and one in seven males will self harm (Carroll). Self harm usually starts in adolescence.... (more »)
The Flu Never Makes a Reservation
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Did you know 5% to 20% of us will get the flu this coming year (WebMD). The day has just begun but you're already feeling an intense ache all over. You start guessing what could be wrong with you. Is it an early period, are you hungry, or... (more »)
Embryonic Stem Cell Research
By , Nyack, NY
Embryonic stem cell research has been a topic of heated debate. Some wish for freedom, not restricted in what topics they can research. On the other hand, others believe that certain topics should be banned to protect the world from the effects... (more »)
Physical Discipline
By , valley cottage, NY
Child discipline through spanking has been the most accepted and widely used form of discipline for centuries. However, it has been proven to not be efficient and only creates more issues rather than resolving them. Although some believe that... (more »)
OCD is Not
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OCD is NOT a disease that bothers; it is a disease that tortures. It’s like you have two brains - a rational brain and an irrational brain, and they are constantly fighting. OCD is like having a bully stuck in your head, that nobody else... (more »)
Never Good Enough
By , New York, NY
As a Black male teenager, depression is a topic that is generally avoided in the household.  As with any sort of mental illness, the mere mention of the topic is enough to illicit responses of prayers, dismissals and the inevitable reversal of... (more »)
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