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Tighter Gun Control: Making the World a Safer...
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Guns are one of the leading causes of death, causing over thirty-three thousand annual deaths in the U.S. There are many incidents in which guns can be hazardous, especially if a minor gets their hands on one. Guns are meant to be a means of... (more »)
Being a Depressed Teen in High School
By , Kent , WA
Being a teenager and in high school is not easy, you’re in the point of life being between a kid and adult at the same time. One in 10 teens is diagnosed with depression before the age of 18. Those numbers are even higher with teenagers... (more »)
Fast Food Should Come with Warning Labels
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A quick trip through the drive-through or running into one of your nearby fast-food restaurants happens more often than we would like to admit. Fast food is cheap, convenient, and is advertised to us as kids in hopes that it would stick with us... (more »)
To Drive Or Not To Drive?
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In March 2018, there was an accident in which a pedestrian was killed by an autonomous vehicle- or, better known as, a self-driving car. It is said to be the first reported fatal crash involving a self-driving car and a pedestrian, according to... (more »)
No More Mething Around
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Dear Meth,   I never thought I would come across such a reliable and dependable friend. There you were each time I fell to pick me right back up. Even on my better days, you pushed me to be the best. I undoubtingly trusted you to watch... (more »)
Life Only Gives One Chance
By , Marrero, LA
 People go from place to place hundreds of times over the course of just one week. Typically, the way they get to where they need to be is with a car, for it is a fast way of transportation and easily accessible. Every year, car companies... (more »)
The Five Components of Fitness
By , New Orleans, LA
The importance of exercise in a person’s health is often overlooked; however, it is necessary to maintain a healthy body. Exercise can reduce the risk of heart attack, manage weight, lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, the risk of... (more »)
We Need to Talk (About 13 Reasons Why)
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Dear Mr. Hastings, We need to talk. My name is Aaron L., and I am a college student from Green Bay, WI, and we need to talk about 13 Reasons Why. In 10 days, the second season of this Netflix Original is set to come out, and that’s... (more »)
Buckle Up!
By , Gretna, LA
Driving is an extremely dangerous responsibility that requires many elements of safety. Some accidents are uncontrollable, but one component of a car is in every person’s control. In our current world, remembering to wear a seat belt is a... (more »)
What Is Sleep?
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Not getting enough sleep is a major problem for teenage students in high school. Lack of sleep messes up one’s schedule, and everything just goes downhill from there. This all starts with the amount of homework, any extra-curricular... (more »)
“I’m Sorry… Did You Say You Want to...
By , Metairie, LA
I believe exercise is one of the best activities a person can do for themself and for others I believe working out helps every person feel better and be a better person. I know exercise does not come easily to everyone, but I know people can... (more »)
Open Letter to Cousin Hanging About Chewing Gum
By , Haining, China
Hi, Hanghang!       How’s everything going? College life isn’t so leisure as you think. By the way, does Aunt Shao still prevent you from eating snacks? Ha, I know how that feel. In my mind, you like... (more »)
The Unattainable Rite of Passage
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Prom, the night most who have experienced it will never forget. The high school dance and similar counterparts have become an integral part of American culture and teenage life. Yet in many cases across the United States prom is becoming... (more »)
Healthier Lunches Make for Happier Students
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Today in America, obese and overweight teens are a troubling problem. Nearly fourteen percent of high school students are obese or overweight. This is attributed mainly to the food served in school cafeterias. In school cafeterias, there is... (more »)
The Fight Against Cancer
By , kirtland , OH
Cancer, is everywhere, to you it may be just another illness to you but to me its a life changer. Cancer is the second most common incurable illness in the world today along with the common cold and other things such as Ebola. Some cancers have... (more »)
Painstaking Lack of Mental Wellness Help for...
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Stress, depression, and an excessive amount of work have long characterized movies that satirize high school. For example, Yo-Yo in The Internship plucks out part of his eyebrow whenever he messes up a math problem, and Cady in Mean Girls is... (more »)
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