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Here are the most recent health articles:

B is for Bulimia
By , Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
B is for bear, B is for balloon. B is for bulimia. While kids and young adults still remember what the letter b stands for, usually some common noun, my mind takes on a more obscure and dull ideal. Blurry flashbacks and memories round up inside... (more »)
On Learning How to Take Up Space Without Apology
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Listen: You cannot give back what you stole from yourself. You can’t feed your body the things you denied it while it was quivering beneath the whip of your merciless, perfectionist dysmorphia, or erase the scars you’ve carved into it, or... (more »)
I Am NOT Broken
By , Pittsburgh, PA
Unfortunately I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 6 months ago. I act as it is no big deal because it only explains why I showed the symptoms and allows me to recognize other symptoms that I didn’t know I even had. But when I tell... (more »)
Standing Strong This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The worst part of having a disease is that no one understands what it’s like. Sure, people sympathize and tell me that they are sorry, but they really don’t understand what I’m dealing with. They don’t understand what... (more »)
A Portrait of Dyslexia This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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If life gives you melons, you might have dyslexia. For the first few years of our lives, before my older brother Max was diagnosed with dyslexia, he and I were equally matched physically and mentally. We proved this through our favorite... (more »)
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Is It a Healthy Relationship?
By , Los Lunas, NM
Be a teenager is something hard. Our hormones are going crazy most of the time and we don’t know how to deal with them. We sometimes get confused with love too. As a teenager we might not know when we’re having a healthy relationship or if... (more »)
A Letter to Depression
By , West Chester, OH
Depression, I have never spoken words to you because I was afraid you would not listen. That, and ever since you entered my life, you have pushed me and pulled me and drained me of strength, and I fear this confrontation may set you off... (more »)
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In reality when someone mentions the word health what do you think of? Mental or Physical health? Probably physical. Sure, being healthy and skinny is important but so is being happy with the body you have. Some people are skinny and others... (more »)
By , North Andover, MA
When people say, Alzheimer’s disease you may think of an old person being forgetful, but I think of devastation. Alzheimers is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain's nerve cells, resulting in loss of memory and... (more »)
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Negative emotions and nerves chill your bones and dances down your spine. Worry approches you, comes up and grazes your brain. Then it plunges deep into the abyss of day to day worries which turn into weeks, months, or even years. The nerves... (more »)
Smoking has been deep seated in the lives of many people around the globe. dispite of many warning given by the docters, most of the people don't turn away from smoking as they are traped in this highly adductive habbit, and they waste... (more »)
Attention! A World of Cell Phones and Short...
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Abstract In the 21st century, it is natural to get lost in our electronic devices as our world is based on technology. As a way to entertain ourselves, most people use cell phones to text to others, update their status, or play games. Using... (more »)
Challenges in Treating Pediatric Infectious...
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In today’s world of brilliant minds and astounding technology, it may seem like we have invented a vaccine, treatment, or cure for nearly all of the pediatric infectious diseases that affect children on a global scale. However, an... (more »)
How Sleep Deprived Are You?
By , Laurel, MD
Sleep deprivation is a problem that most America has to deal with on a daily basis.  When the human body is deprived of the things its needs such as food water and air the productivity level of that person decreases significantly. What... (more »)
Long Gone
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People often ask me why I don’t have a writing blog. I’ve been asked a total of three times if I plan on ever publishing a book. Let me just tell you a little secret- I can only write when I’m crying. My words only form pretty little... (more »)
Go Vegetarian!
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The food pyramid. Were taught this at a young age in health class. Vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains and meats. Taught we were supposed to have meat in our diet in order to be healthy. But, according to the USDA, and the Food and Agriculture... (more »)
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