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Drinking Spells This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Milford, IN
When you hear something enough times you start to believe it. Especially when it comes from your own mother. I believed everything she told me, everything she called me. Even if it hurt me. In the beginning all I wanted was her attention. Being... (more »)
Teenagers: Freedom from Your Parents Isn’t...
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It’s every teenagers’ dream to have total freedom- no parent involvement, just kids making their own decisions. And while this may seem like a paradise for teens, the truth is that the detrimental effects of this will be dramatic.... (more »)
Pain? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Imagine waking up one day with intense pain in your hand.  It doesn’t go away in a couple of days, so you make a stop at the doctor’s office.  They give you a diagnosis and drug to take.  It doesn’t work, and... (more »)
Vaccines and Autism
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In the last 20 years, autism rates have risen significantly in developed countries. In 1992, 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In 2004, 1 in 68 children were diagnosed with an ASD. Our knowledge of the... (more »)
Scars to be Beautiful
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At the age of 14, she weighed only 25 kilos, the average weight of a nine years old. Anna McViggar was training to become a ballerina and practiced three times a week in a studio. One day she caught her reflection in the mirror and despised how... (more »)
We Decide
By , Cumberland, RI
The world is what we make of it. It can be a dark, miserable and hopeless place. On the contrast, it can be cheerful, beautiful and amazing. And this I believe, we decide how miserable or amazing something can be; it all depends on our... (more »)
Full of Emptiness
By , Cumberland, RI
A loss of appetite especially when prolonged. Reading this definition caused a shooting pain to erupt in my stomach.  How can something so significant be defined so simply? Approximately 15% of teenagers across the United States... (more »)
A Modest Proposal to Doctors Concerning Quality...
By , Prosper, TX
The further science progresses, the more rapidly the medical industry is growing and progressing. This drastic increase of medical capabilities has increased the average U.S. life expectancy almost twenty years since 1930, but what is lost in... (more »)
The Night I Remember
By , Eagle, CO
Jack was the sweetest baby I have ever met. His strawberry blonde hair would shine under the ceiling light as he crawled around on the rough carpet. Snuggling with him at night was even better. With his tiny, sticky hands grasping my pointer... (more »)
Obesity Satire Essay
By , Prosper, TX
78 million adults and 13 million children in America are dealing with health and emotional problems because they can’t stop eating(“Understanding the American Obesity Epidemic”). I must say, it is with great sorrow that we see... (more »)
You Are Not Alone
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Why would someone want to end their life? Normally, a suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn't mean that help isn't wanted. People who take their lives don't want to die they just want to stop hurting. Some causes for suicide could... (more »)
How to Become Your Best Self
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In the article of "How to Become Your Best Self," Shanelle F. states that becoming your best version of yourself can take difficulties and struggles that will make you understand what is important. Shanelle states, "I'm... (more »)
Dealing with Stress
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Not a single day passes without being in any stressful situation, whether at work or with your family. Smart is bypassing those situations and clear your head from it all. Plug in your headphones and relax. Play anything calm that will clear... (more »)
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We all know the perks of jogging wether to lose weight or have a healthier life generally, but lets take it deeper into this activity. As jogging is a weight bearing exercise, it helps to build strong bones, yet it also strengthens your... (more »)
The C-Word
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I found Arianna C.'s article, "The C-Word" extremely moving. I admire her strength and her will to go on. She didn't let the cancer pull her down, instead it just made her stronger. I wish Arianna's article could be spread... (more »)
How Women Feel in Their Own Bodies
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The evolution of body image has changed over decades. Men and women are so worried about how they look and some will go to the extreme to achieve their ideal body. Types of eating disorders and evolution of body image is becoming a bigger part... (more »)
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