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Here are the most recent health articles:

Eating Disorder Recovery as a Vegan
I am shamed for my veganism on a regular basis. My opinions are ignored. People role my eyes at my values. A subject about which I am extremely passionate is shrugged off. I’ve never met a dietician who supports my decision to be vegan.... (more »)
Dying to be Thin
By , Highlands Ranch, CO
Mirrors have become the nightmare of the century. Suddenly even seeing yourself as a reflection in its clear gaze is like torture. Obsessively picking and prodding at the amount of fat on your stomach is a norm; purging, puking, and exercising... (more »)
Anorexia: The Cool Kid of the Eating Disorder...
By , Shrewsbury, MA
A therapist at a treatment center once told me, “well, in the eating disorder world, anorexia is the cool, desirable kid.” I’ve thought a lot about the power of that statement, with which I agree, since. As well as its... (more »)
How to Keep Up With Healthy Skin
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Skin is the largest organ within capacity of the human body, and when treated right, can be seen as the most beautiful. What makes human beauty stand out is its flawlessness. To leave skin shining bright, looking immaculate and feeling healthy,... (more »)
Hug, not Drugs
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On September 14th, 1986, President Ronald Reagan declared a war that would spiral out of control, costing hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars. This was no war fought on foreign soil. This would be a war that we are still... (more »)
Lunch Portions: How Much Is Too Much?
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The school cafeteria can be a problematic place in itself, especially with the liberty kids have to roam and talk with their peers, but it just so happens that this freedom does not count for the public school lunches. For decades, teachers and... (more »)
A Shopaholic Looking for Help
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When you enter a store, do you ever feel like you could buy every single thing they're selling? Are you easily attracted to sales or bargains? Have you ever bought something you ended up not using? Maybe. I consider myself guilty as well.... (more »)
Teen Stress Is No Less
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“Wait until you get to the real world” is a phrase teenagers hear all too often, but since when are teenage years not the real world?  The truth is, teenage years are just as real and stressful as adult years, maybe even more so.  Teen... (more »)
Technology Does Not Replace the Human Experience This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Humans are biological beings. Everything we do is a result of chemical reactions within our bodies caused by environmental triggers. Though it is a highly complex system, the fact still stands that every part of human life can be explained, on... (more »)
The Army
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The estimated number of new cases of cancer in 2016 in the United States is 1,685,210. 65,090 of those cases are in Illinois. 10,160 cases are female breast cancer. 1 of them is my mom.... (more »)
Dogs Are Pieces of Heaven
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Having a dog in my life has helped me go through a lot, and whenever I'm stressed out about homework or about famIly matters, Hank is always there for me; In addition, whenever someone is at the door Hank runs with the speed of lightning to... (more »)
Who I Am This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Myerstown, PA
This is a completely true story about me. I can’t hide it anymore. I have hearing loss. You are probably thankful for a lot of things, but what about your hearing? When you talk with friends in a loud situation, you probably think... (more »)
My Uncle’s Addiction This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My uncle used to paint; he would streak intense black across the canvas. I watched him for hours, but no matter how hard he tried, his ghostly pale hands shook and caused the lines to be choppy and broken. My sister and I used to spend... (more »)
Mental Health
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Sometimes, it's very hard for Americans to understand mental health issues.We think that whatever we can't see, isn't there.This philosophy is very bad for many reasons.It creates a major stigma aroung mental health,and prevents... (more »)
Puberty This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Let’s be honest here. Puberty’s the worst. We’ve all seen the inescapable beast in our bodies It looks like wide hips. Those extra three inches. Trips to the nurse because you forgot today was the day. It hides in... (more »)
What Cured My Acne and Eczema After...
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As many of you know, I have suffered from severe eczema and terrible acne problems for a while now. And of course, like countless other teenagers, I have tried every single cream my doctor told me would work. Well, they didn’t, and some... (more »)
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