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The Generation of Burden
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Look around in a high school. Though other factors among the students may very well differ, each of them has a backpack, purse, or other type of pouch in which to carry their school materials. Speaking from personal experience, that backpack... (more »)
Scarred But Not Broken This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My father wrapped his arm around my waist and told me to smile. At the time, I was still fascinated with how the wintry London air turned my breath into silver fog. My mother stood behind the camera, struggling to take a photo of me in front of... (more »)
Disaster on Ice This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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It happened so fast. I got up off the ice and knew I had been hit hard, but I didn’t think I was hurt. I didn’t get knocked out, and I didn’t really feel much or know much about what happened. Oh well, I thought, just another... (more »)
Childhood Obesity
Important aspects of personal growth and development are common struggles. One of the toughest common struggles out there to face is obesity. Three objectives in overcoming obesity is first, have the mind set in how this task is going to be... (more »)
Gene Patenting: Invention, or a Hindrance to...
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Is the discovery of a gene merit enough to patent it as an invention? What affect will gene patenting have on clinical research? These are the main questions involving gene patenting, which, according to the reputable, allows for... (more »)
Blame Biology
By , Richey, MT
Every day alarm clocks are ringing, parents are banging on the door, turning the lights on, and pulling the covers off their groggy teenagers only to get them to school on time. Then once in school the teens lay their heads down on the desk for... (more »)
Ice Bucket
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We all did the ALS Ice bucket challenge this summer. We dumped ice on our heads so that for a fraction of a second we felt the same people with ALS feel. There body latterly stops. Slowly you can’t hold a cup, write, cut, and beat your... (more »)
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A flood of negative emotions and nerves chill your bones and dances down your spine. A surge of worry overwhelms you, suffocaiting you. Your head is full of nerves, but your lightheaded.  Your heart pounds inside of your chest, while your... (more »)
Turning Viruses into Anti-Cancer Vaccines
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“This revolutionary idea explains how unlikely-allies....the adenoviruses which infect mammals can be mutated and reformatted into a very powerful and effective cancer treatment.” Detailed Description Introduction: Cancer... (more »)
To Die with Dignity This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A sound woke me from my sleep. I lay in my Pokémon pajamas on the top bunk of the twin-sized bed my brother and I shared, allowing my vision to slowly normalize. I could just make out the small patterns in the popcorn ceiling above my... (more »)
His Name is Depression
By , Duluth, MN
He eats you alive. You sit and wallow in the darkest part of your brain, losing control. You are not aware of your surroundings but it doesn't matter where you are because Depression follows you. He follows you to school. He follows you to work.... (more »)
Solving Real Problems
By , Duluth, MN
There are many problems in this country that we have but Ebola is not one of them. I can understand the concern about the disease if it was rapidly spreading in this country but it is not here. We have so many other problems like hunger, mental... (more »)
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The Secret to Getting Rid of Fear (and why you...
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This is a quick post- something that I thought about the other day. I was thinking about my music and what I want to do with it. However, every time I imagine myself performing in front of people, I get nervous and feel like there is no... (more »)
Teens Should Turn Down Tanning
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When the sun's out and the weather warm, we teenagers are often bombarded with magazines, billboards, and commercials featuring flawless models with perfect, golden skin-tone glows. Not surprisingly, one unfortunate effect of this is an... (more »)
Persuasive ad (Suicide)
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Do your part and help stop suicides from being committed.  In the United states many people commit suicide because of depression, mental issues, loss of hope, made a mistake, bullying, frustration, fear, jobless and drugs. If you are thinking... (more »)
The Pain
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As I woke up that day, I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary to happen.  I was only 7, so the details aren't very clear, but I think it was a Sunday, just before the end of my first grade year.  Never would I have... (more »)
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