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My Mental Health Journey
By , Boxboro, MA
It is the middle of freshman year, and I’m sitting on the floor in my friend’s room as she Facetimes. Out of nowhere, her friend starts talking about his suicide attempt, which of course grabs my attention. As I listen to his story,... (more »)
Dogs, Get One
By , Wilmington, MA
It is a widely accepted fact that pets are fun to have. I don’t think I know anybody that has gone their entire life without desiring a cat or dog to keep them company. Despite the fact most children want one of these at some point or... (more »)
Why "13 Reasons Why" Fails This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I wholeheartedly agree with Eliis D. in her article , Why "13 Reasons Why" Fails, and the way she views the series. The reality of the suicidal mental illness was turned into a view that "glorifies and encourages the act" of... (more »)
Eagle Creek Forest Fire Update
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This is the news on how the forset fire started!   "I saw this shorter kid lob this smoke bomb down into the canyon," FitzGerald told The Oregonian/OregonLive. "I was probably 4 feet away from him. I said, 'Do... (more »)
11 Things I Wish You Knew About Depression
By , Spring, TX
When we have depression, we act differently. We get angry, moody, and pessimistic. We don’t feel like doing anything, and we wallow in our sadness for weeks on end. We get headachy and have cramps, stomachaches without a cause. We... (more »)
Body Image Today: the Neglect of Health
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The concern about the appearance of physical image has always been a spotlight for women. From the 1900’s: ‘Who could have the smallest waist?,’ to the 1960’s: ‘who could be the skinniest?,’ to the... (more »)
Mental Illness: What's with the Stigma?
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Mental illness is real. Their pain is real. Their illness is real.   You don't look sick! Stop being so negative! Just get over it!   It doesn't work that way and it never will. Someone with mental illness may not... (more »)
Life Lessons from OCD This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Herriman, UT
I am surrounded. There is no escape – no light at the end of the tunnel. Hopelessness is so thick it’s suffocating. I am forever falling down a never-ending pit of doubt, anxiety, and paralyzing fear. Bent on making my life... (more »)
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Dear Depression This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Spring, TX
A year later and I’m doing fine, thanks to all the wonderful friends beside me, my beloved parents, and most importantly, myself. Even with that help, it took me two years, maybe longer. But even through all of the pain, I did it. No... (more »)
Suicide Speech
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Every two hours and eleven minutes a person under the age of twenty-five successfully commits suicide. And for every successful suicide there are at least 50 to 200 attempts. That’s a lot, for a society that focuses on creating a... (more »)
Hope for Childhood Cancer
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Every year thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer. It is something that most kids don't need to worry about until they become one of the statistics. Luckly, the death rate for childhood cancer has steadily decreased although it is... (more »)
A Personal, but Common, Struggle
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You always hear people talking about how society influences women to lose weight and stop eating and it causes all these psychological and physical problems and you think "That's stupid. I could never be influenced by other people's opinions or by... (more »)
Instagram's New #HereForYou Campaign: The...
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Instagram has been popular since 2010, and the new popular hashtag going around is the "#HereForYou" campaign. It was first introduced May 8th on Good Morning America, and it takes on awareness for mental health. It encourages users... (more »)
The Importance of Sports
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People all over the world play sports in order to keep them fit and healthy. As many people say that all work no play makes jack a dull boy. From this example we get the idea about the importance of sports. Sports keep us mentally and physically... (more »)
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One day you are sitting in your house and watching TV. You feel something painful on the left side of your chest and suddenly you fall unconscious. You are rushed to the hospital but your doctors say it is unlikely they will be able to save... (more »)
Medication First?
By , Morris Plains, NJ
In any given school day, students are getting into trouble for doing something wrong, absurd or even crazy for attention. For example, a student may tap their pencil which can disturb fellow classmates. However, these students do not do these... (more »)
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