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Teenage Depression: Can You Actually Describe It?
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One thing about depression—it isn’t constant. Everyone expects you to be depressed all the time, to be staring at the ground or constantly frowning when you’re in public, to always be complaining about something or maybe to... (more »)
How Occupational Therapy Can Change People’s...
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How many students have trouble paying attention while in class?  Could there be a way to help people with that problem?  Occupational therapy (OT) is helpful for many different things including helping kids succeed in school.... (more »)
Mental Health
By , Pearl, MS
We all suffer from some type of mental illness through our lifetime and there's no shame in having it. It can be depression, anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, Bulimia, panic attacks, and other types of disorders that sometimes need to have some type of... (more »)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Trauma is one of the most memorable incidents that humans can endure and your memory will retain for the duration of your life allowing you to clearly recall the event at any given time. PTSD is essentially the same idea except on a much higher... (more »)
Feeling Blue?
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It is very common for teens to struggle with depression. About 20% of teens experience depression before adulthood. Every 100 minutes, a teen takes their life. This is not the answer. You may feel alone and hurting, but there is a way out. Hope... (more »)
An Essay Concerning the Downsides of...
By , Wayland, MA
It’s late at night - so late it’s almost morning. You’ve been working for hours, trying to finish your essay, or presentation, or whatever it might be that you’re working on. The minutes pass by without heed to your... (more »)
Suicidal: The Trend
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Suicidal: deeply unhappy or depressed and likely to commit suicide. It is estimated one million people commit suicide each year, worldwide, which is almost 3,000 people every single day. 90% of people who are suicidal are medically diagnosed to... (more »)
Why the Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered
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Some can consider alcohol as a psychoactive substance, but some can't. A lot of cases occur due to people drinking alcohol. Most countries have set the age limit at 21 years. However in countries like China, Australia, and Russia, the age limit... (more »)
The Heart
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The parents went to the doctor to check on the teeny tiny baby girl growing inside. The doctor checked on the baby - the little baby’s heart was not forming correctly. The doctor met with the parents and he said, “Your... (more »)
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Memory, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the power or process of recalling what had been previously learned and retained (“Memory”). This concept, taken for granted by some, is constantly in effect as individuals... (more »)
Reflect and Blossom This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Salem, MA
In my very first relationship, I was a victim of domestic violence for two years, and I had no clue. The relationship was a cycle of lies, blame, and apologies that just kept getting worse.   “I’m sorry. It will... (more »)
Being Antisocial and Us
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Being Antisocial   While being social might mean surfing social media, meeting after school for some Starbucks, or the constant constant chatting, being severely antisocial for many means awkwardly navigating the humane need to be... (more »)
Got Pain? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Imagine waking up one day with intense pain in your hand. It doesn’t go away in a couple of days, so you make a stop at the doctor’s office. They give you a diagnosis and some medicine. It doesn’t work, and the disease your... (more »)
By , Madras, OR
What does depression feel like? It feels like standing in a room where everything around you disappears and lights go out. Next the windows and doors are gone. You’re left there no way to get out and you struggle because you are alone. A... (more »)
Support Project Alive
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When you hear the words Hunter’s Syndrome the first thing that you think of is, “What is it, I never heard of this before. Well Hunter’s Syndrome is a disease that can affect a child from birth and prevents them from serving... (more »)
Mental Illness
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Mental illness. An overused word used to define anything “bad” happening in someone’s life. Does anyone know the real definition of “mental illness”? It is a mental condition marked primarily by sufficient disorganization of... (more »)
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