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Here are the most recent health articles:

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Andrew Walter defines Euthanasia  in his scholarly article titled, “Euthanasia should be legal”  as “the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease.” Elaborating Walter’s... (more »)
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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that only effects 1% of the population. Even though that may seem to be a small amount, seven million people effected. It is one of the most miss-understood disorders. This disorder cases a disconnection from... (more »)
I'm No Angel: Fighting Against the Fashion...
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The Fault in Our Fashion Industry: Promoting an ‘Ideal’ Body Shape   To ring in the new year, Victoria’s Secret has recently launched the “biggest sports event of the year,” and with it, a new... (more »)
Forget the Rest, Offer the Breast!
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“The pregnant teenager is a species almost completely extinct.”: A phrase coined almost too often, yet what’s even rarer is its breastfeeding counterpart. At the age of sixteen, I had become a mother, already aware of my... (more »)
The Soaring Costs of Gluten-Free Products
By , Pittsburgh, PA
Imagine needing to buy a product but the price is more than double what it should be and is not affordable. Gluten-free products are an example of a product like that. A person looking to buy a gluten-free product is most likely out of luck if... (more »)
Specious Smartphones
By , Sewickley, PA
Although technology is increasing in the twenty first century, there are limitations as to who should own and who should have access to smartphones. In the US, 68% of the teens younger than twelve have cell phones. Why are many people so... (more »)
The Scars to be Beautiful
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At the age of 14, she weighed only 25 kilos, the average weight of a nine years old. Anna McViggar was training to become a ballerina and practiced three times a week in a studio. One day she caught her reflection in the mirror and despised how... (more »)
Evil Catalyst
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It doesn’t come up in casual conversation. It’s what no one wants to bring up in a room full of people because they are unsure of the reactions that may follow. It is the topic that we tip-toe around just in case someone has endured it’s... (more »)
Drive Past, Not Through
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As you drive down the road you could see people pulling in through the drive ¨thru¨ at some kind of fast foods. People all over the world visit fast foods. A lot of Americans say to themselves that they have no time to cook something... (more »)
Stricter Enforcement of Texting While Driving
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In 2009 alone, 448,000 people were injured in car accidents from a distracted driver.  According to a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,474 of these people were killed (Facts).  The official US... (more »)
These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens… We all have grown up singing Maria’s iconic, feel-good, song, “My Favorite Things.” In the scene in which this song... (more »)
Considering Hippotherapy
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Research shows changes in troubled Individuals can be directly connected to Equine Centered therapy.    Horses are a center in Popular culture. They have inspired multiple books, movies, and various pieces of art, capturing... (more »)
My Biggest Pet Peeve
By , Pittsburgh, PA
Crunch...Crunch...Crunch.  That is all that can be heard instead of the lesson being taught.  Imagine being so distracted from the food people are happily enjoying that it is nearly impossible to even focus on the information being... (more »)
Random Student Drug Testing
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A study done by the National Institute on Drug abuse reveals that at least 34.9 % of students regularly use at least one illicit drug (National). This startling fact poses the question  is society as a whole doing enough to help the... (more »)
Failing the People of Flint
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A true leader is a mentor, who inspires people, and can take immediate action for unjust situations. Mahatma Gandhi, an inspiration to everyone around the globe, was a leader. Gandhi led India to freedom from the British, who had migrated to... (more »)
Autism Is Not a Tragedy
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A big round of applause for Amita R. for her article “Autism is not a tragedy.” She describes how her brother has autism, but he didn’t know until they went to the doctor. It’s sad that one of her brothers has autism,... (more »)
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