Buckle Up!

May 10, 2018
By Anonymous

Driving is an extremely dangerous responsibility that requires many elements of safety. Some accidents are uncontrollable, but one component of a car is in every person’s control. In our current world, remembering to wear a seat belt is a serious problem. Many drivers choose not to wear a seat belt simply because of forgetfulness, rushing, or aggravation. A seat belt alone can save a person’s life in the midst of an accident. The most reliable method to prevent injury or death is a seat belt. Refusal to wear a seatbelt can also cause trauma or permanent nerve damage to a person’s body. A human being can completely ruin their career or life. Not only does refusing to wear a seat belt harm you, but it is also against the law. If a person is caught not wearing a seat belt by a police officer, that person will be issued an expensive ticket. Failure to wear a seat belt can lead to many perpetual problems. Choosing not to wear a seatbelt may be a decision a person will regret for the rest of his or her life, if the person is even fortunate enough to continue their life.

Although this is a widespread problem, there are many solutions to enforce wearing a seat belt. There is much more car manufacturers can do than to merely have a constant, beeping sound to encourage wearing a seat belt. One solution to this problem could be the prevention of listening to the radio if the driver's seat belt is not fastened. The car will be able to detect if your seat belt is buckled or not. If it is not, no music will be played in the car. Along with no radio, there will continue to be constant beeping sounds until you are buckled. A person also will not be able to sit on their seat belt either. People constantly sit on their seat belt to outsmart the car’s safety procedures.The fabric of the belt will be able to sense whether it is around a body or not. This prevents people from outsmarting the cars system. All of these elements could combine into one perfect solution to encourage wearing a seat belt.

This solution would be the most effective because of how popular music is in today’s society. Most people can hardly go on a car ride without listening to a single song. Music prevents awkwardness in a car ride that includes other people. Music is known to create relaxation and pleasure to people, which is why many people play it in their car. This solution will prevent people from ignoring seat belts because the silence will be extremely noticeable. Unless the seatbelt is buckled, there will be no way to enjoy a song or listen to a football game during a car ride. The inconvenience of not being able to listen to music and the constant beeping will force drivers to want to wear their seat belt.

The author's comments:

It is a creative writing essay. It is a made up invention for safety reasons.

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