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“I’m Sorry… Did You Say You Want to Actually Go Do Something?”

May 11, 2018
By Anonymous

I believe exercise is one of the best activities a person can do for themself and for others

I believe working out helps every person feel better and be a better person. I know exercise does not come easily to everyone, but I know people can find some sort of workout that they can do. I am not referring to walking a few extra steps a day or taking the stairs rather than the elevator. I am talking about going outside and experiencing physical exhaustion.

I consider myself athletic today; although, I was never the best athlete around. When I was younger, I did different sports. My parents made me. I was never good at any of them, I was only okay. I was okay at softball, okay at swimming, okay at basketball, okay at horseback riding, even okay at Taekwondo but never good enough to excel in the sport. Even though I was not the best athlete in any of the sports, I would keep competing.

I never knew why till I got older why I enjoyed doing all of these recreational activities. I never liked the technique of the sport, I only enjoyed the concept of being on a team and exercise. I liked having fun with others and having an adrenaline rush.

I never understood why some people despise working out so much. I love to go outside, go for a run, walk around, play a game, hit a ball, kick a ball, or swim around. Some people detest the idea of outside or raising their heart rate. I, personally, detest the idea of not moving around.

I believe exercise can help everyone because a person can benefit in several different ways through working out. Exercise raises endorphins to make someone feel better and happier. When you are happier than people around you will be happier. Exercises keep a person in good shape and better health. I find that singularly one of the best aspects. When you exercise together, you form relationships with one another. I have been on several teams throughout my time. Those teams have become a huge impact on my life as a person. I have grown to become who I am today because of those team. Exercise helps to clear a person’s mind and to calm a person down. Every time I get angry, excited, sad, anxious, or nervous I go work out. It helps.

I believe working out will give anyone a better life. I have a better life because of exercise. I know it will help you to just try a long walk or play a fun game. It will make your day and cause you to have a healthier, fuller life.

The author's comments:

This is just what I believe in.

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