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The Fight Against Cancer

May 6, 2018
By Anonymous

Cancer, is everywhere, to you it may be just another illness to you but to me its a life changer. Cancer is the second most common incurable illness in the world today along with the common cold and other things such as Ebola. Some cancers have treatments that cure, other treatments just slow down the death process.

Have you met, known, or lost someone to cancer? I have, my grandfather, great uncle, and I've known many others. Not all people with cancer are bald, some don't even look ill. Baldness comes from being treated with chemo. Chemotherapy is a set of anti-cancer drugs. Some people say I don't have it so it's not my problem, but the rages the people who do have it.

Having cancer unleashes a storm of emotions and questions. Having cancer is filled with sadness, happiness and every emotion in between.  Cancer robs us of joy, time, and life on earth, but it can never take our hope, our faith or our peace of mind. Hearing the final words, feeling the final breath, waiting fearfully for the last beat,  for the pain to be killed and lay on you instead. The worst part is being in pain or seeing a loved one in pain and not being able to stop it.

So whether you have cancer or know someone with cancer you can still make a difference, you just have to want to and believe you can. Please join the others in the fight.

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