April 25, 2018
By evaristbego SILVER, Tirana, Other
evaristbego SILVER, Tirana, Other
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2:00 A.M. You are in a deep sleep dreaming that you are eating Chicken McNuggets. Before you finish one, two more are already in your mouth.  On the floor there's a McDonalds paper bag. You look into it and find thousands of nugget packs and french fries. You can not stop eating them. It looks like you are having a foodgasm by the sounds you are making. Everything is good. You have found your true calling.

2:09 A.M. You are still in that dream eating those delicious nuggets. A sudden blaring noise wakes you up. You mumble some illegible words as you get off your bed. The half-naked anime girl in your desktop is replaced by a cryptic message saying "Run!" written white on black flashing on and off repeatedly while the speakers are blasting with loud noises. You try to fix it but you fail. You press every single button on it but nothing is working.

2:14 A.M. Your phone is doing the exact same thing. Your TV, too. You start to panic. Are you being hacked? Are you being pranked? Is it something serious and you should you listen to it? Your mind is going different places. You go to your fridge and you get a bottle of water and drink from it. You throw all the chips and snacks on the floor to make room for you to sit in. Confused. Shocked. What is your next course of action?

2:22 A.M. You decide you should listen to the message, so you go to your room and get a backpack. You try to find the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe, since as the message suggests, you are going to run. You find a pair of sweatpants that you remember being grey, but are now anything but grey, and a T-shirt with a stain on it that might be BBQ sauce but it might also be ketchup. You take your phone, which is still screaming, and bury it amongst the rest of the clothes in your backpack. The sound can still be heard. Faintly, but it's still there. You grab a couple of empty water bottles and fill them up and shove them up your bag. You skim through every room trying to find things that you may need. You get your toothbrush and toothpaste, and the least dirty pairs of underwear and socks you can find.

2:37 A.M. You finally made it out of your house and you find other people just as confused as you asking each other the same questions you've been asking yourself. From afar you can see a big FBI truck driving towards you. As it comes closer you can hear a guy talking through a megaphone.

"Go, go, go!" he says, "You all need exercise for God's sake! No longer will America be the fattest country in the world!"

You are relieved that nothing bad is going to happen, but also mad that they woke you up for no reason. You look at yourself in the mirror. You have to admit. He is right.

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