February 26, 2018
By Katielynnekearns SILVER, Stockton, Kansas
Katielynnekearns SILVER, Stockton, Kansas
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Everyone has them, but they don't want them. Do you know what they are? They are our fears. Listed in this essay is a lot of fears. They go from popular, or not so popular, to interesting, or uninteresting. From dumb, to not so dumb. They are still a huge asset to our daily lives.

All Sorts of Fears or Phobias
Monophobia is the extreme fear of being alone.  When people with Monophobia are alone for long periods of time they become depressed or get a huge case of anxiety. They also refuse to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom when they've been alone for a long time. Their fear of being alone causes bad relationships as people with the fear prefer abuse more than being alone.

Acrophobia is the fear of heights. This makes riding rides at fair or going to amusement parks with friends or family is hard. Some might not even do trust falls because of the fear. They will refuse to go on the ferris wheel because of this fear.

Escalaphobia is the fear of Escalators. Hundreds of thousands are affected because of this fear. This fear is often related to acrophobia.

Furniturephobia is the unwanted fear of furniture. People with it often are afraid of certain types others are afraid of antique furniture. One of the most famous celebrities to have this fear is  Billy Bob Thornton.
Claustrophobia is the fear of small spaces. This fear usually starts when someone's holed up in  a small space  during a horrible time or if there as a punishment. This fear also causes panic attacks or anxiety attacks.
Trypanophobia  is the fear of needles. People with the fear will often dread going to the doctor or not go at all. There are treatments for this fear.

Pediophobia  is the fear of dolls. Dolls are, in reality, child's playthings. Little girls are especially known to love dolls and pretend play with them which can help in fostering imagination and creativity. Naturally, it is a matter of great worry for parents when their little girl starts screaming at the sight of dolls. Hypnosis  and desensitization  therapies  are  the  two  most  popular  ways  of overcoming  the  fear  of  dolls  phobia.
  Cynophobia is the fear of small dogs. When people get this fear it's usually for  a good reason. Some reasons are if someone gets bitten, or just by looking at the small dog terrifies them because they might look a bit scary.
As far as the rarest and least documented phobias are concerned, Omphalophobia is it. Omphalophobia is the fear of belly buttons.  The fear of belly buttons affects men and women equally. Singer Jenny Frost is one of the famous celebrities with this phobia. Another famous individual with Omphalophobia is Khloe Kardashian.
Gephyrophobia is the fear of bridges. People with it will not cross a bridge or tunnel. Some might even get  a panic attack or an anxiety attack.

You see all fears can be cool, or not so cool, and dumb to smart. There are hundreds more fears  than what's in this essay or than what you can think up. How many of you knew about funiturephobia or the fear of belly buttons before you heard or read this? You see if you didn't hear or read this some of you might not have ever heard this. Well I hope you enjoyed my essay and learned something about fears.

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