January 13, 2018
By Anonymous

What does depression feel like? It feels like standing in a room where everything around you disappears and lights go out. Next the windows and doors are gone. You’re left there no way to get out and you struggle because you are alone. A fire starts as it surrounds you, no way to put it out just the streams that fall from your eyes. But as much as those streams turn into rivers, lakes, and oceans, you still find yourself trying to put out that fire. Now you are sitting in the middle of the room holding your knees, sobbing. The fire soon gets a little closer and finds its way to you so you let it burn.


Another way I would describe it is watching yourself drown as you watch the people around you breathe. Or it’s like walking up a stream but this stream is really strong. The longer you push yourself through it the more you want to give up. But one day the current gets to strong so you let yourself go and fall in.

These are only some ways to describe how you feel if you have depression. Many people have lots of their own ways. Most people suffer from depression. But there are most who do not have a clue what it feels like in a world of hate, where you feel everyone around don’t want you around, even including yourself. Everyday regretting you have woken up. Harming your body putting everlasting scars to remind you more ways to hate yourself. As you get older those scars will be something to regret forever. Stuff to explain to your kids and to keep them away from them. Remind yourself and others you are not alone there will always be help out there. Most people think no one will understand, but you don’t know if you try. Have a friend get you the help. If you have a friend like that you’re majorly lucky. Keep them by your side forever.

How do help yourself get better? When you get the help you need you find the true colors in the world that you have hidden from for so long. Find ways to keep yourself busy away from that negativity. You will thank yourself and those friends who stuck by your side to help you along your journey. You almost gave up once, never do it again. Love yourself as much others love you. Care about yourself as much others do for you. And respect yourself the way your friends or family do. Learn to love yourself through those dark clouds. Besides you can’t have rainbow without a little rain.


24 hr suicide hotline number: 1-800-273-8255

The author's comments:

i was inspired by the way i felt, i knew i was not alone. i knew that others felt the way i did so i just got writing

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Heavenley said...
on Apr. 11 2018 at 5:02 pm
Heavenley, Madras, Oregon
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"let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile".

Heavenly you are amazing at everything I love this artical love you so much your cousin Lea Thorp

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