What Is Depression?

January 5, 2018
By Anonymous

Thanks depression,

It was a pleasure serving you. Thanks for making the word despondency feel like your lover has left you alone in a dark alley and took away your reason to breathe.

Depression does not have feelings. Depression may not have even had the chance to feel. It stayed in its room, under the covers, in the dark alone crying. Maybe, depression doesn’t have a home.

Depression is a young teenage girl. She wears dark clothes preferably midnight blue. Depression is aware rather than conscious. She walks at a slow pace; slower than normal. You don’t see her face because her hair covers it. She hates to see love and happiness; and thrives on name-calling and bullying she has blood dripping down her skin and fear and hatred in her eyes. Depression is mentally and physically strong. She always reminds you of how you do not matter and how you would be less of a nuisance if you were dead. She takes control of you without warning you that she is coming. As you get older she grows with you. The older she gets the more violence she emits. She will leave scars and cause you to shove pills down your throat. She grows to have a daughter and a son; anxiety and loneliness. Both of her children weaken you and depression gives you your last nail in the coffin.

She visited me for the first time when I was 12 years old. When I was mature enough to look back and realize that my little sister and grandmother died a week apart. My grandmother, my best friend was gone. Also my very first little sister, my diva, my little mini me was gone. I began to blame myself for her death. Depression made me feel like I lost a part of me. She grew with me and keeps coming back for more revenge. She left scars in my heart.

Depression is feeling that incorporates loneliness and anxiety. Depression is drowning in the deep end on a pool except you can see everyone around you breathing.

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