November 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I know my age Acne is normal but why do I feel like I’m the only one getting it? I’ve been wearing makeup to school every day nonstop since I was around 10 years old. I’m now 2 months away from turning 15. At the start it was just concealer then it was concealer and a little bit of powder but now its everything, foundation, green concealer, concealer, 2 different types of powder and mascara. Having bad skin has made me so anxious to go to school some days. I wash my face well and I use good face washes. I moisturize and remove my makeup properly. On the weekends I give my face a break and just stay home. I probably sound like my face is so bad but it’s not the worst but it’s not the best either I guess. I missed my school surf camp this week because I’m so insecure about the way I look. All my friends look like they’re having so much fun and it sucks that I didn’t go. It’s not even just my face it’s my weight now too. I haven’t worn anything without sleeves since I was 12. And if it didn’t have sleeves I’d cover it up with a jacket. I try everything to lose weight, but nothing works :/
Being so insecure has made me so distant with all my friends and even my family. It’s made my grades bad because some days I stay home if my face is worse than the day before. I shouldn’t feel like this because one day when I’m older I’m going to regret being so distant with everyone and pushing myself away.
Next year is going to be different. I will set myself goals. And I will make sure I achieve these goals no matter what. My insecurities shouldn’t and will not bring me down anymore.

The author's comments:

if you also feel like this, you aren't the only one. 

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