A Modest Proposal to Doctors Concerning Quality Over Quantity of Life

October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

The further science progresses, the more rapidly the medical industry is growing and progressing. This drastic increase of medical capabilities has increased the average U.S. life expectancy almost twenty years since 1930, but what is lost in one's life with so many years gained? So much effort and funding continuously focused on living longer, but it is the quality of these twenty plus years gained that is lost. With so many retired individuals falling victim to their own bodies working against them, it becomes only natural to wonder at what point the quantity of life outweighs the quality. Rather than continuously extending the lives of individuals who cannot enjoy it, the focus should be placed on those capable of continuing to live a fulfilling life. Taking this into consideration, the obvious solution to this problem is to have such elderly individuals compete in order to prove that they remain human enough to live. A head to head battle of survival to filter out those not fit to enjoy a life if extended.

First, as previously stated, this would filter out those not in healthy enough condition to live out the rest of their lives in comfort, preventing them from having to live with no quality of life. This would also allow more time allocated to those capable of living out a life of quality rather than spending much more time increasing the lifespan of those not set to enjoy it.

Secondly, This would provide monetary compensation to those who survive, only increasing their quality of life more. This prize also serves to provide more opportunity for those with the most potential for a physically enjoyable life.

Thirdly, the ability to broadcast fights, similar to boxing or wrestling, would give the elderly that are retired or left in assisted living homes one last chance to provide something for society, entertainment. Consequently, this would give these individuals a purpose and ability to give back to the society that has taken care of them thus far.
Fourthly, this addition to the entertainment industry would only prove to stimulate the nation’s economy further. Such a spectacle would be sure to bring in viewers that would be willing to pay, whether it be selling tickets to live matches or placing ads on broadcasted events. This new avenue of revenue would prove to assist in the economic flow in the entertainment industry.

Fifthly, a decrease in the number of elderly would mean the government would be required to pay less to care for individuals with no life worth living left. This would allow them to focus that funding to other areas that desperately need it. Money once allocated to individuals with no quality of life left could now be spent on things such as fixing roads or increasing school funding, something that would only benefit future generations.
Sixthly, the ability to tax this form of entertainment opens up an opportunity for the government to have a new source of income. Such a potentially popular event is sure to bring in viewers that the nation can tax. This is just one more source of revenue that would ease struggles in the U.S.

While it may appear inhumane on the surface, it would really be no different than professionals competing in boxing or wrestling. In fact, the compensation for the winner paired with such an overwhelming number of benefits makes this an event sure to outshine any sport. To be fair, no one can argue a different solution when no other measures have been taken to solve this issue in the first place. Every focus continues to be on extending the length of a life as far as it can go with little to no regard as to how that affects the individual. When there simply needs to be more attention paid to fixing an individual's physical ability to enjoy life that matches the focus on stretching a life, there still has been no push for providing healthcare that has the primary objective of increasing the quality of life that only continues to extend.

I however, will not be participating in this competition when I come of age due to the fact that it would not be fair for one to compete in something they created. This would create an unfair advantage that would surely result in a victory, earning a compensation I would not deserve therefore excluding myself from fighting for survival.

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