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October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

The world is what we make of it. It can be a dark, miserable and hopeless place. On the contrast, it can be cheerful, beautiful and amazing. And this I believe, we decide how miserable or amazing something can be; it all depends on our attitude. 

I was depressed. I always felt miserable, and it caused tension with the people around me. I was upset, and I thought that this was how it was going to be for a long time. I remember my dad telling me how much I used to smile when I was a kid, and it caused everyone else to be cheery and happy, just like I was back then.

After my dad told me that, it opened my eyes. I saw a whole new world. It was like someone wiped the fog off a mirror that lay right in front of me. After some time, I started to smile again just like I had used to.

Every so often, I slip into that depression. I always just try to smile and act happy because it puts me and others into more happier moods. Just being happy makes everything seem better. If I am ever in a bad mood, I try to smile and forget what even made me upset in the first place. Sometimes, it is very hard to do, but I realize that it will help me feel better and affect those around me in a positive way.

Today, the world needs more smiles, more laughter and  more warmth. So much bad happens that we often forget about the good. Everyone is responsible for the way the world is today; the good and the bad; the positive and the negative. If everyone took the time to be happy, cheerful, and simply smile, the world would be that much more beautiful.

By accomplishing simple tasks with a smile on our faces, compassion in our hearts, and good in our intent, we can turn anything into fun. It all depends on attitude and our open mind. Just by having a positive attitude can affect our day, our life, and others around us.

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