How Women Feel in Their Own Bodies

October 19, 2017
By Ninel/G BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
Ninel/G BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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The evolution of body image has changed over decades. Men and women are so worried about how they look and some will go to the extreme to achieve their ideal body. Types of eating disorders and evolution of body image is becoming a bigger part of our society. In the 1900s the idea of femininity was slender and tall with wide hips and luxurious bust. They wore their hair loosely on top of their head and they wore long, straight skirt and a shirt with a high collar. Then in the 1920s flapper girls were in style. The term flapper first appeared in Great Britain after World War 1. Flapper girls were described as young girls, who were still somewhat awkward and had not hit womanhood yet. They had their hair cut, wore loose fitted clothing and usually smoked and drank. Flapper girls had small bust and hips. In the the 1960s Twiggy was in. Twiggy was the name of an English model in the 1960s who brought the trend of being really skinny and having short hair.         


With having the ideal body, some people go to the extreme to accomplish what they want. Anorexia is an eating disorder causing the person to obsess about weight and what they eat. Bulimia is an eating disorder marked by methods to avoid weight gain. An example of someone with these disorders would be Karen Carpenter who was known to diet at starvation levels over the decade, claiming her life.    

Body image today has changed over the years. There is a variety of different sizes that people would like to achieve today. Even though there are people still struggling with weight, I think it shouldn't be an issue. As a teenager I think we should focus on school and things that interest us. I don't mean completely ignore the way we look, but to not care what other people think.We should encourage others to love their bodies and in general themselves.

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