United States Should Ban Illegal Drugs

October 17, 2017
By Nevaeh0309 BRONZE, Houstion , Texas
Nevaeh0309 BRONZE, Houstion , Texas
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Most people would say banning illegal drugs would not be a good idea because, of it’s use in the formula for medication. I believe we should ban illegal drugs in the United States. A lot more people would live a happier life than without having to live with a sickness for the rest of their life.

Numerous studies show that teens would most likely start in the eighth grade due to stress , or peer pressure. With that early development smoking could lead to lungs starting to fail along with liver damages at a young age and would most likely affect them as they get older also a hard type of asthma smokers most likely get. U.S will ban smoking article stated “ Children are basically vulnerable; 760,000 of them live in smoking housings.”  Which could lead to the influence of smoking , and as bad as it is to the smoker’s lungs it also affects those who live in the same household.

In fact banning illegal drugs would help in decreasing overdoses deaths in America. When you start over doing it with drugs it starts to raise your heart rate and taking more than one at one time , your body , starts pumping blood flow faster to the heart   than your heart would normally take . The article Drug overdoses stated “ Deaths from overdoses have been rapidly increasing since the 1990’s.” Most overdoses happen when drugs and alcohol are mixed together which probably wouldn’t be the safest idea . Mixing drugs , and alcohol together your body tends to forget to breathe because , of so much happening in your body it doesn’t know how to respond back .

Also banning illegal drugs would also help decrease the illnesses due to doing drugs . Failing lungs , asthma , and liver damages are not pretty exciting later on in life along with not being able to live a longer life span . Many people don’t get to reach their goal in life because , they now have to live off of a oxygen tank for their rest of their life because, they're lungs can't breathe for them.

In conclusion, I believe that the United States should put a stop to drug use, in that case banning illegal drugs would help.Many people would disagree because of its use in medication . Article U.S will ban smoking claims “ Federal Government would not help pay for enforcements … Authorities stood to saving money“.Not only do they not want to ban drugs for medication they also won't enforce a law because of economic reasons . Banning illegal drugs would give younger kids , and even adults a chance to reach their goals in life with a happy and healthy life.

The author's comments:

I have had many family members have medical issues and have to loose a lot of them to drugs , I also know a lot of people who have lost thier siblings , daughters and sons , along with parents and relatives to drug overdoses . I wouldn't want anyone else loosing a loved one and having to go through so much especially when it wasn't thier time to yet.

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