Abusive Relationships

October 17, 2017
By PyrellD. BRONZE, Houston, Texas
PyrellD. BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Abusive relationships cause you to a woman or a man socially awkward,and even makes you afraid to go outside with all of the bruises,and marks that you have on your skin. Undoubtedly it would be bad for everyone.Surely these types of relationships could include you getting embarrassed,chocked,and even hit,and also even won’t let you out the house.

Embarrassment in front 0f family and friends are pretty common in an abusive relationship.When you're in an abusive relationship you feel hopeless,because there's no way out.They give verbal threats,such as saying they’ll commit suicide if you leave.All types of abuse are bad,surely because, they'll involve some type of abuse.The worst type of abuse is physical abuse.

Choking your partner is also a type of physical abuse.Saying think like “I love you”...actually it means “I love you...for now”.It also implies that you might get into a fight about how much he “loves you”.He’ll take your money that you earned,and won’t give you any of it if you say no to them.Most people who are in abusive relationships most likely will get hit for saying no to them asking for something and might even take more stuff than your money.Most people who say no might not even show up for work the next morning,Most of the time they're thrown around.

Even though you might have a job you might be barely able to afford your electricity bill or your water bill,because you might miss a lot of days from work.For instance,if you missed a lot of days of work then most likely you would get fired from that job.Meanwhile at your job everyone there is wondering where you are.Each type of abuse are very bad mentally,physically,and verbally.

In short there are many ways that you can stop abuse.As a result you will become a hero to everyone who is being abused by their partner, when they have marks that show abuse.

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