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October 17, 2017
By HV629 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
HV629 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Suicide is a health crisis that can be prevented if proper actions are taken. It is a huge problem in our world today and no one is looking for a solution to prevent suicide. This dangerous tragic should not happen to young teens, young adults nor humans in general. As things go that way, many impacts will occur. Such as losing population, family anxiety, and losing teen’s future opportunities.

Leading to my reasons, losing population is the worst in this case. In the future time, the world will lose human contact. On the Gale Student Resources it stated that “The World Health Organization estimates that one million people commit suicide on an annual basis.” There are seven billion people in this world and it is decreasing slowly each year. We can’t just let people die because of suicide, we have to stop their action.

Following up to the next reason is about family anxiety. When one of the family member take a tragic path, it will cause the whole family to panic. As time move on, the members start to grow negativity on their everyday basis. Some will follow other and also walk on the tragic path.”People with a family history of suicide, a history of substance abuse, or a recent trauma such as the death of a loved one or a lost of jobs are more likely to attempt to hurt themselves.” explained by the Gale Student Resources. Anyone can help others out. Talk to them, make them notice that they’re not the only one.

To close out the reasons, the final argumentation is losing teen’s future opportunity. Our teenagers can be our next professional doctors, engineer, or even the president! If we are losing teens because of suicidal, who would make our future? We should care for each other and depend on one another. We humans, build on each other to continue the world. Young teens and early adults have more future opportunities than most adults do. “In the United States, suicide is the third-leading cause of death among youth between the age of ten and twenty-four” demonstrates through Preventing Teen Suicide article. Tennagers shouldn’t be suffering from pain at an early age. We need them for the purpose of our future.

Suicide is already a huge problem in our world but my question is; Why are we not doing nothing about it? Many people just ignore the fact that we are losing teenager's life! We can help donate to those who are affected by this tragedy. Wrapping all this together, we have three reasons why human suicidal shouldn’t happen. Losing the world’s population, family anxiety, and losing teen’s future opportunity. So suicidal tragic can cause pain to others people. It is a dangerous thing. They will need your help and you will need theirs.

The author's comments:

Society is a pot full of rumors, comments, and suicide. However outside the pot is the color of bright yellow gold. We get attracted to that golden pot but we have no idea what it holds and what it will spill out. I hope that many people read this article and think about how suicide are causing many impacts on others. 

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