Time Management

October 14, 2017

Tick-tock. Every second that’s wasted you will regret it afterwards. Too many chores in a very short time? Waking up early for school, and cant organize your studies after you come back ? Well you can manage your time and get it all in.

How do your organize your tasks? Do you have a to-do list? Got any personal goals set? How do you manage your priorities? Do you often get distracted while doing your tasks? Do you fail to schedule all the chores you have to do?

First of all, a to-do list highly contributes in setting the right time for everything. Having all your chores in front of your eyes rather than maybe forgetting some when you keep them in your mind.

Set a personal goal, for example, finish the first 2 chapters tonight. Never delay. Reward yourself with a break whenever you achieve something. Taking a break is ESSENTIAL to prevent losing concentration when you study.

Leave your phone away when you study, unless you’re using it. Your phone will make you lose concentration and get distracted every single second with that whatsapp notification. Your study is always a priority above playing.

You must know how much every subject takes of your time. Setting a good schedule for everyday-use with reasonable times set will help you big time. Don’t forget to list playing in your schedule too!

Here’s something new I’m trying this year. Above my desk, I got a cardboard, some sticky notes and a pen. I set all my goals in front of my eyes and will ,hopefully , achieve them one by one!

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