Biological Clock

October 7, 2017

Obviously I’m not the only one, but it’s rather a worldwide problem. Running late at night and waking up later isn’t only unhealthy, dangerous is the word to say.

A Nobel prize committee stated that it has vast implications for our body, even decreasing heart attack risk as the engines start running everyday .

Imagine your body as a car; everything goes on in a rhythm. Imagine not giving the car enough fuel, or maybe leave the car in a hot situation with low oil levels, yet the car will move , but what could happen afterwards?

You don’t wear sunglasses at night, why do u stay up all night? In fact, your hormones’ levels are adopted to a certain time each , why leave your body out of sync?

Here comes the serious part, in short-term, body clock disruption affects memory formation , let along the long term ones. Type-2 diabetes, cancer and heart diseases are the candidates, not worth risking it yeah?

But I try to sleep early every night and spend hours in bed uselessly. You got 2 options:
-Taking the hard way and stay awake continuously till the second night, which is a one time, more effective offer.
-Or sleep late as you do, but wake up early by power. Deprive yourself from sleep, it may be tiring, but a few hours later you’ll feel well and sleep early that night.

Fun fact, I'm writing this at 3 AM , it may not be easy but you have to try. You are not ready to face the dangers of cancer and heart diseases. Leave whatever you do at night and make it 8 hours later. Your body deserves to sleep at time.

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A whole summer wasted

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