Acid Tears

October 9, 2017

No it doesn't just affect the one person, the family and friends stand by and watch as the person goes into a downward spiral. They have acid tears run down their cheeks, bandaids on their hearts, and frail smiles on their faces. Their sleep rocks them with dreams and discontent, but sometimes they can't even dream. Sometimes they lay awake and feel the tears, the tears that burn like acid run down their cheeks. Some days their frail smile is broken and the bandages have fallen off, they shake and shiver knowing home is broken. For years they've heard the words, the broken promise of “this time,” and it's clung to. With every breath they focus on it, with every acid tear, broken smile, and every beat of the bandaged heart. They pray everyday and put it to the Lord even when it's not being fixed. Then the addict, they crave the drug whatever it may be. They stop at nothing to get it, they push and push till they can grasp it. Leaving their family and friends behind, leaving everyone and everything they can't sell for dope money. Letting the ones they love cry acid tears, they don't mean it. They can't really stop on a dime. No matter how hard they try.

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