Why "13 Reasons Why" Fails

September 13, 2017
By J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I wholeheartedly agree with Eliis D. in her article , Why "13 Reasons Why" Fails, and the way she views the series. The reality of the suicidal mental illness was turned into a view that "glorifies and encourages the act" of suicide. There are many young people who can relate to the pain that Hannah, main character, was going through throughout the series which is encouraging many to commit suicide because it gives an image of suicide being a beautiful act of revenge. Having mental nillness is not pretty at all, and I truly agreed when Ellis stated that, committing suicide is complex, and when Hannah self harmed, it just gave those in that state an alternative to suicide. In my opinion, the series should've mentioned that people who have mental illness and suicidal thoughts always have someone who they can talk to and get support from like family, friends, teachers, or even a stranger in a suicidal hotline. When Ellis stated " When will we finally have a show that's brave enough to... promote a productive discussion of mental illness," I instantly agreed with that statement because it would help many to understand suicide and help those with mental illnesses.

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