June 16, 2017
By ThilakS1 BRONZE, Parsippany , New Jersey
ThilakS1 BRONZE, Parsippany , New Jersey
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One day you are sitting in your house and watching TV. You feel something painful on the left side of your chest and suddenly you fall unconscious. You are rushed to the hospital but your doctors say it is unlikely they will be able to save you. The final tests report that your heart attack was caused by a poor diet of too much red meat and not enough vegetables.The food you loved came back to haunt you and ultimately caused your death.


Vegetarianism has been a popular way to protecting your body since 1971. Most people get a vegan and vegetarianism confused. A vegan diet is one where you do not eat meat, or anything coming from an animal like cheese, milk or eggs whereas vegetarians eat plant-based foods and no meat but can eat animal products.The question is meat or vegetarianism? Furthermore, a diet including meat is worse than a diet not including meat because it benefits athletes, it is healthier for you, and it is not true that it has limited nutrients.

Besides vegetarian options being healthy for you it is proven by different researchers that red and processed meat can kill you. In the text the author says you are likely to develop heart disease from eating red meat (Zaraska 2). Not only your heart is at risk when you eat red meat though, you can also develop type 2 diabetes. In the text it explains that, “...27 percent of Americans over the age of 65 had diabetes” (Zaraska 2). Even if you forego red meat you are still in risk for cardiovascular disease if you eat processed meat, in fact you are in greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In the text it explains, “Increasing consumption by one serving a day- -that would be just one more hot dog- - elevates the long-term risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 21 percent”(Zaraska 2).

Obviously being vegetarian or vegan is better than including mat in your diet, you can live longer, and perform better in athletic games. Many people argue, vegetarianism lacks protein but that is not true s there are many vegetarian protein rich foods that are in fact better than meat. So now you could cut out meat from your diet and the heart attack and adversity that hit your family like a baseball bat dispersed.

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It is a research topic about vegetarianism.

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