Is Milk Healthy for You?

May 18, 2017

I am in support of the belief that milk is healthy. Some people have a speculation that
milk isn’t good for you. Most people (like me) believe that milk is good for you. I have some
proof that it is healthy for you. Here are some reasons and evidence how it is good for you.
One reason that I feel that milk is healthy for you is because milk has vitamins, proteins,
and other nutrients that benefit your body. I have some evidence that proves whole milk with
3.25% fat contains 146 calories, 8 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrate, and 8 grams of protein
in one cup. According to Medical News Today, the information above and below is correct.  Milk
also has vitamin D which is important to our daily intake of vitamins. Appropriate vitamin D
levels support the production of serotonin, a hormone associated with mood, appetite, and sleep.
Milk also provides Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamins A, Riboflavin,Vitamin B-6 and vitamin
B-12. I think that all the information is true and I personally believe milk is healthy for you.


A second reason I feel this way is because milk also helps with muscle and bone growth,
as well as having good blood pressure. Some evidence that proves how I feel is that milk has
calcium. Calcium has many functions in the body, but it's primary job is the development and
maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Again this is evidence and facts from Medical News
Today. Calcium is also important for preventing blood clotting and healing wounds. Maintaining normal blood pressure and muscle contractions including heartbeat are some of the things calcium does for our body. While milk has all these healthy benefits,in my opinion it also tastes delicious.


On the opposite side, others believe that milk can disrupt the digestive system and mess
with certain parts of the brain. This mainly pertains to people who are just lactose intolerant. For
lactose intolerant people, they can't drink or eat other dairy products. Milk not being processed to
their body’s liking takes a toll on their body, causing them to pay for it later. The reason some
people believe that milk isn't healthy for you is because they think when you are not a young
child anymore and can eat food and not rely on the mother’s milk. In other words you aren't
supposed to drink it after you are of age to start eating, growing, and thinking all on your own.
When they drink it, to some people it messes with their learning and thinking, again because they
believe in not drinking mother’s milk. This is why people disagree with the fact that milk is
healthy for you.


However, I am more right because I have proof that milk is indeed healthy for you. For
people who are lactose intolerant, the milk and dairy industry has taken certain things out of the
milk to where it doesn't interrupt the digestive system. For the people who believe that when you
get older and you don't need “ momma's milk,” it isn't from your mother It’s from a cow and has
been processed to where it is drinkable. Scientists have taken the time to study the effects of milk
and have proven that milk does have all the nutrients and proteins in it that helps with bone
growth, blood pressure, muscle growth etc. This is why I am right.

I am in support of the belief that milk is healthy. I am not only in support of milk because of its taste but also because of its nutritional values. With all the evidence that I have, it proves that milk is healthy for you. Milk is indeed good for you.

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