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April 4, 2017
By PaisleyRose BRONZE, Carmichael, California
PaisleyRose BRONZE, Carmichael, California
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Since the 1700s America has been known as the Land of the free, but with the increasing rate of obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease, a new title is upon us: The Land of the Twelfth most obese nation. As a country where the citizens continuously strive for gender equality there is one common factor between American males and females: the leading cause of death of both genders is heart disease. These increasing health problems are causing a great dilemma within the American society, impacting many. With these problems and growing statistics at hand I propose the creation of nutritional and physical community classes.


My plan for action simply starts with this proposal, but I have began developing and adding depth to the classes I am proposing. Such classes will be open to all ages. The nutritional aspect of these classes will inform the public on food labeling, the truths behind certain food myths and maintaining a balanced meal. The physical aspect strives towards lowering high blood pressure through such exercises like running, jumping rope, dancing and swimming. The goal of this aspect is to allow the public to get and stay fit while having fun. The first step is to find a gym to gain a partnership with so we can ensure a designated place to hold the classes. Partnering with a gym will allow us to implement the classes into an environment where health is advertised and promoted. From this point on we could designate a group of physical trainers, dance teachers and nutritionists who would be teaching the classes. Since we are attempting to assist everyone, no matter their socio-economic status, ideally these health classes would be very cheap or possibly even free to the community. I anticipate some problems with selecting trainers, teachers and nutritionists that are willing to work for free. To solve this problem we would offer them a spot on our sponsorships list meaning they would receive credit and promotion for their own personal work. Working as a non-profit our volunteers which would be the trainers, teachers and nutritionists they would be viable for a tax break.


I know this proposal is viable due to personal experiences. As a teenager living with such scary health statistics I try to stray away from any possible health complications. But I only know of these statistics and possible conditions because of the promotion of healthy living at both my school and home. Going to a Charter school I understand the differentiation of my school’s cafeteria programme to other schools in which they lack healthy options in the cafeteria. Wanting to be more connected to be my community and wanting to be as healthy as possible I have never seen a proposal for such an aspect. Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it won't be successful it just means extra precaution is needed for successful implementation. One may question the significance of having children, teenagers and young adults in these classes. There is no age restriction due to the fact the classes are supposed to encourage the youth to get informed and to be active to prevent them from any of these horrible health problems. These classes will not only physically impact the youth but also mentally impact them. With the physical activity in the classes I hope to promote self-love to all the participants. Creating and obtaining a good body image will allow participants to have a healthy life without turning to unhealthy solutions such as fad diets, anorexia, bulimia etc. The classes are not about looking the best but feeling the best. In addition I would focus these classes on developing a strong, real mindset for healthy eating and exercising. Someone can use nutrition to boost their confidence and reduce their anxiety through planning and eating more healthier meals. Needless to say certain foods attain “mood-boosting qualities” such as carbohydrates, omega-3, vitamin d and b, and selenium. All of which have studies supporting their significance to boosting one's mood, health and confidence.  Exercise can benefit someones self-esteem simply by making someone feel good, giving them a better body and through yoga and meditation , making them feel zen. In this way I hope the classes mentally impact the youth in a positive way.  Based on a survey to eighty-seven seniors, 42.6% reported their personal discontent with their own body image.


Someone’s lifestyle is unattainable to control. People will choose how to live their life. They will choose how to spend their time, money and energy. The goals of this proposal is to create a great following for the classes and maintain a strong turnout for each class. Ideally it would be great to see the participants take what they learn and do and apply it to their real lives outside of class. Tangible items to obtain this proposal is a gym, willing educators and promotion management. Before turning this proposal into a real life project communication with actual community members is needed to ensure a successful turnout for the classes and to ensure this is a needed service.

Offering the community classes will bring a diverse group of people together to connect through a common denominator. Instead of demonizing the increasing effects of the Standard American Diet such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease we could bringing light to an already dark situation. Using these classes to promote the idea between obesity and undernourishment. Two topics of which will assist them to balance their diet, to stray them away from the sad Standard American Diet. Although the era of American obesity and health complications is upon us, personal decisions can make or break an individual as becoming just another number in another statistic. Break the dilemma.

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