What's Inside Your Food?

March 28, 2017
By , sacramento, CA

Obesity is a problem that's limiting what people may want to do in life, it’s all creating a bunch of diseases, which is leading towards unhealthy people. It’s important for the people to actually read the food labels to see what exactly is inside the food. And if the people will start reading the labels, they most likely pick the one that is healthier and better for their bodies. Nobody likes having diabetes or other diseases due to eating food that is bad for you. “The last thirty years have been devastating as the percentage of obese children skyrocketed to more than double what it was in the 80s”(Spark). This statistic should scare and try to wake up the people. So we need to start looking at the food labels and start eating healthier foods in order to decrease the number of obesity in America.

You may think how can we get this message to children and their parents. We broadcast healthier eating tips on the radios, putting up billboards, and even commercials. We need to try all possibilities to get people to change their eating habits. We need to lessen the amount of obesity rates and even diabetes rate. As we see from researchers “ Obesity rates have also become much higher in earlier ages” ( Obesity rates). We need to make sure that the children are healthy and are going towards the right direction with their health.

I want to help the future generations, which are currently young teens and children. I want them to understand how important it's to know what you're eating and how some things may sound healthy, when they are actually very bad for you. Based on a survey administered to sixty faculty members at Natomas charter school, more then ¾ reported that they don't know what there food made up of. This is a very important topic in the light of Jane E. Brady claim that the rising overweight and obesity rate is not just an American problem. As we see from our past history, there weren't many obese people in the past. But in today's time, there are many people that are obese and have diabetes and problems with  health. And the numbers are just getting worser and worser. If you noticed most of the sweet items are on the lower shelves at stores, so that all the children can see them and reach for them.

In the commercial we would show how there are children who didn't eat healthy when young and didn't exercise, and now that they are older they are in pain and can't do anything. This will make the children think twice before drinking that soda or eating junk food. And just use multiple examples until they actually notice that obesity is a very serious problem that can happen to anyone. For the radio it would be used to give out good eating tips, and ways to stay healthy. It would also have people that went through all this struggle and tell their story to help the young people make a difference in the world.

As we see “there were no vending machines dispensing candy and soda, and no fast-food emporiums or shopping malls with food courts” (Jane E. Brody).  This is also a major key to why there weren't that many obese children or even adults back then. There weren't provided that many junks at convenient locations for the people. Now a days you see them everywhere you go, you turn your head around and you see a couple of vending machines. And with all of these varieties and flavors it's getting people to put more and more sweets inside their bodies which is one of the factors to obesity rates being so high.

Overall I would hate to see the future with even higher obesity rates. It's just disappointing to see people with diabetes and diseases. Let's start reading all these food labels and making sure what goes into our bodies are healthy. Let's end obesity.

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