Smoking the Death Away

March 27, 2017
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In the United States, there are about 8.2 million arrest for possession and/or usage of marijuana(Marijuana).  It’s usually produced from a farm. Then it’s sold to many different customers who tend to make use of it by consuming it. Although, it’s been widely debated in many states across the US marijuana has some good to it and can help treat people with serious diseases.

However, some people like me actually put a bit of thought into it and see that it can benefit people.

About 26 states, take the time and effort to learn that marijuana isn’t just for amusement and, it can be used to help treat people with diseases like cancer, muscle spams by multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and Crohn's disease(Jennifer). In my opinion, most states will most likely ignore fighting for marijuana because of the public saying it's horrific and some of the public saying it's good. Which I find really dumb, because many doctors say they’re finding out ways to treat people with those exact diseases listed.

Despite all the positive aspects of marijuana, it as an illegal substance. There are laws against this in most states. Minnesota mom was arrested for giving her son who suffers severe pain and spasms from a brain injury(Think). He was unhappy and he would cry himself to sleep every night. After that his mom gave him medical marijuana to use and slowly he managed to recover But, his mom told the wrong person and she is put on trial for child endangerment.

This has to be outrageous to some people, if you have no reaction to this then you have no soul.

Problems like this causes me to go berserk. I hope that next time people won’t jump to conclusions as fast when it comes to medical marijuana. It can save someone's life if used appropriately, it can be used to treat people who experience seizures. that says something for a substance that gets such horrific words thrown at it. If I have to listen to another person jumping to conclusions and calling every sick patient addicts I will go insane. Because I am tired of hearing such lies! But, that's on the government.

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