Eye Improvement with Games

March 27, 2017
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Most parents think that videogames are awful for the eyes and that you should stop playing video games if you don’t want to go blind, but this information is in the past. Now scientists learned that certain types of video games are actually good for parts of your eyes, but adults would still tell you that videogames aren’t good for your eyes, and that you shouldn’t trust everything the internet says.

In an articled named “Video Games Improve your Vision, Study says,” It shows that first person shooter(FPS) games like “Call Of Duty” help improve your contrast sensitivity function. In 2009, experts played “Call Of Duty” . The experts who played Call Of Duty had an improvement in their contrast sensitivity function(Handwerk). The contrast sensitivity function is how they perceive from different lightings. For example if you play a lot of FPS game then you would probably have better vision in the night, so the more FPS games you play the better.
Every kid needs video games. No kids enjoy being forced to do homework and school work the whole day. They need sometime to let off their stress from private life or social life. I usually have tutors on the weekend, so I do feel stress even on the weekend, and if the stress is too much then I would probably turn violent to let off some stress. By letting them play video games, or to be more precisely FPS games, it can let off their stress by killing in the game rather then hurting people in real life, but not all games release your stress. Since FPS games can also improve your vision, and is fun, so it’s two birds with one stone situation.

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