What Depression Really Is

March 20, 2017


It can really be a thorn in your side, can't it? Some people like to think that it just comes and goes. But it never leaves. No matter how much you want it to.

It stays with you every day, every night and every minute of your life. What matters is how you deal with it. Some people can't even step out of their house, let alone their room because they are suffocating. They feel hopeless, like if they went out to try and do something, that it wouldn't matter. That no matter what they did, it would never change what they think about themselves.

Thinking bad about yourself... You are never born with it. No one is. You never just insult yourself right when you are born or right when it's your 4th birthday. Someone else has to introduce you to it, to make that first fresh cut.

Some people are startled by that first cut, and as more come to them, they find themselves enthralled. Because of the hurtful things that keep coming to them, but how cutting keeps it at bay. How it keeps the monsters away.

People may think that because people cut, that they are just attention seekers, that they want others to feel sorry for them. Well, you are only partially right. There are people like that out there. But not a lot. They don't hurt themselves for people to feel bad for them. They do it because they are so used to all the pain, that if they inflict it on themselves, it makes it easier to bare.

I used to be naive, questioning people why they hurt themselves. And I can't say I still don't do that. Neither can anyone else. The hurt that they went through to even keep up the painful cycle is heartbreaking.

Or how about people doing drugs? Maybe their live's are tough, maybe their parent's are going through a divorce, or one of their parents are dying and all they can do is watch in horror every day, waiting for the last day they could ever spend with their parents. So they use drugs to help them, to soothe them. To make them forget about it for just a little while.

Or how about that one boy or girl that decides to have a little on the side from their dinner or lunch? Who, instead of doing drugs or drinking, they eat? 

Now I'm not saying that it's good to do drugs or to hurt yourself. Or to eat too much to the point where you have health problems. Rather the opposite. I am only expressing that I understand to an extent. No one can really ever fully understand a person's pain.

But giving them a smile, a hug, maybe trying to help them with simple things or being their friend just because you want to not because you pity them? Now that can go a long way to making their day a bit easier to handle. Or maybe their life.

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