The Flu Never Makes a Reservation

March 7, 2017
By ChelseaSwenson BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
ChelseaSwenson BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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Did you know 5% to 20% of us will get the flu this coming year (WebMD). The day has just begun but you're already feeling an intense ache all over. You start guessing what could be wrong with you. Is it an early period, are you hungry, or this time did a cold catch you off guard? Without any warning the urge to find a bathroom comes on you. All of a sudden it has been narrowed down and a reality that you have the flu.


On average 40% of adults get vaccinated for the flu in 2014-15 (WebMD). Right about now you're starting to wish your insurance would have took the cost for this and not you. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost, it would have been cheaper then having lost a day at work. Hundreds stay home from work because of the flu, but I’m worried about the ones who don’t stay home and thinking they will be “fine.” 

Does getting a flu shot make a difference? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “ estimates that vaccinations prevented 79,000 flu hospitalizations and 6.6 million flu-associated illnesses during the 2012-13 influenza season” (CNN). The flu can be serious. You can be hospitalized or even death if not caught right away (CNN). With the flu peaking in January this could mean for a long miserable winter.

The side effects of the flu shot are mild. Which is nothing compared to the severity of how the flu will make you feel. Though, people have plenty of reasons why they don’t get a flu vaccine. Even if you have a strong immune system, others might not be able to fight of influenza.

Prevention is always the best medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic, “ it takes up to two weeks to build immunity after a flu shot, but you can benefit from the vaccine even if you don't get it until after flu season starts” (mayoclinic).

Top of my “ To Do List” is to become better prepared and schedule my vaccine. Even though winter has begun it's still recommended to get the flu vaccine (mayoclinic). The best way to get more people on board with the flu vaccine is to talk about your positive experience and how great it is to be flu-free. We learned now not to let the flu make reservations at my home for a stay this winter.

The author's comments:

This was for my College English class and was very interesting I was told. 

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