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November 14, 2016
By , broomfield, CO

A girl saunters around convinced that she is worth nothing. The people around her tell her so. They tell her that she isn’t good enough. They say very offensive things but at the same time they tell her that they care about her. She believes them. Each day her self esteem gets lowered even more but she stays around the same people because of the things that they say to make her believe they care. The people around her everyday don’t even realize that people are saying these things about her. If verbal abuse continues to go unnoticed, more and more people will feel like she does.

Effects of Verbal Abuse
Verbal abuse is definitely not something to joke around about. Being verbally abused causes many people to need therapy and other treatments depending on how bad the situation was. The abuser makes the victim feel worthless and powerless. They try to lower the victim's self esteem. This can make the victim depressed. They could also take further jurassic actions. This is according to a study done at Florida University. Verbal abuse applies to people of all ages. Childhood verbal abuse is associated with higher rates of adult psychopathy, and alterations in the brain structure, according to Physchatryan Online. Another side effect of verbal abuse is suicide. People who are deeply affected by emotional/ verbal abuse feel too defenseless and solicit to end their own pain  by ending their lives. According to www.suicide.org This impacts many people, children, adults, and teens. It is foremost important to get help because people are committing suicide everyday because of the emotional abuse.

  Getting Help With Verbal Abuse
A verbal abuser isn’t going to stop doing what they are doing. By abusing you they feel in control of your emotions, actions, thoughts, and over your life. One way to help with the verbal abuse is to quickly get help. Talking to someone that you know or trust can help a lot. A victim often feels like everyone will be the same way and say the same things about them. There is many people who could help, for example a therapist is a very good way to help solving the problem of verbal abuse. You must try to get away from the verbal abuser right away before taking any other actions. You could also try to talk to the verbal abuser ( If safe or confident in talking to the abuser.) The verbal abuser will most likely be in denial. Be ready for these responses.You must respond firmly and get your point across to the abuser. If that doesn’t work talking to a therapist about what you can do to stand up for yourself. Being able to talk to somebody you trust is very important to have when being verbally abused. Dont let the verbal abuser be in charge of you.

How to Identify a Verbal Abuser
A verbal abuser is often disguised or explained away as something else such as humor. An example is an offensive comment being said but followed with a “just kidding.” A skilled abuser can destroy your self esteem while at the same time making you believe that they care about you. Some examples to look for are, yelling, swearing, using shameful words, and dismissing your feelings. A verbal abuser usually will try to to make you believe that they are better than you think. They disguise themselves so you could think that they’re something else. It’s important to notice these signs and make sure that you confront the abuser or talk to somebody trusted.  An abuser will make you think that it is all inside of your head and that it is safe and comfortable with them. But realizing what they really are is important so you can end their actions and live a happier life.

  In conclusion, verbal abuse is a very big issue and if it is happening to you don’t hesitate to get help.  Many people who suffer from verbal abuse don't talk about what's happening. If noticed someone is being verbally abused get them help right away. You could get a therapist to help or call 1-800-799-7233 for help and steps you can take to stop it. It’s amazing how words can do that, tear someone's insides apart.

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