Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

October 7, 2016
By Nehemia BRONZE, San Diego, California
Nehemia BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Sleep is a very important part of your everyday routine. It affects your mood throughout the day, immune system, and your brain. As you are sleeping, many important things are happening inside your body. For example, your immune system manufactures cytokines that protect your body from bacteria and viruses. Lack of sleep means that your body doesn’t have a chance of preparing for a virus or bacteria. Long term sleep deprivation also raises the risk of getting many chronic illnesses, like diabetes.


Lack of sleep can affect others too! For example, sleep deprivation leads to moodiness.

Moodiness can include being rude, mean, going slightly insane, etc. Lack of sleep causes mood swings in which they can lead to further.  The next day, it may impact a friendship, make your parents mad, etc. You might think you can handle it, but sometimes you really don't know what you’re doing. Not knowing what you're doing can be dangerous.


The average amount of sleep needed differs for each age range. It is necessary to get the minimum amount of sleep if you want to feel refreshed the next day. As shown on the National Sleep Foundation’s website, newborns need 14 to 17 hours each day, infants need 12 to 15 hours, toddlers need 11 to 14, preschoolers need 12 to 15, school age children need 9 to 11, teenagers need 8 to 10,  and young adults and adults need 7 to 9. If you do not get the required amount of sleep, it can have negative effects on your body.


Overall sleep is necessary for every human being. Even if you do not feel tired when you don’t get the proper amount of sleep, it still can have a negative impact on your body. Sleep is just as important as eating and exercising, it is a necessity of life, among the many others. Humans are the only mammal that resist getting enough sleep. Are you getting enough sleep?

The author's comments:

A lot of time people are like " I only got 3 hours of sleep". I wanted to point out how important sleep is.

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