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October 5, 2016
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If you are 15-19  just had a baby or about to have a baby, then you need to read this! Teens all around the world become or became pregnant every year. Teens need some kind of help, but sometimes they can't get any help their parents or family members. You have to make sure that nothing is hurting the baby. You have two responsibilities, First, to take care of the baby. Secondly, yourself now. And it’s not easy. Teens when you  struggle call someone that can help you get use to having a baby. Teens if you get hurt in the stomach while you're pregnant they can be bad. If you get hit really hard it can cause a really bad thing. Teens at school make sure you don't get hurt because it can cause to lose your baby or worst.

Telling parents
Teens it's not hard telling your parents that you’re having a baby you need to know how to put it together when you tell them.  If you ever get nervous just take a deep breath or two or count to ten and back. When your parents say rude things to you about the pregnancy they don't really mean it. They just say it because they are upset. Teens some parents need some alone time to think what they should do about the pregnancy. If you even need to talk just talk to a family member or a close friend.

Providing food for both of you  
When it comes to eating you need to eat double sometimes because you start to get really hungry and the baby starts to hungry too. It's not easy feeding the both of you and  making or buying extra food. Sometimes you feel full and the baby wants you to eat more for him/she. People think that at the age 15-19 they can't do anything because they're weak at something. What people don't understand is that when your pregnant to have to do everything for the baby and you but it's hard sometimes. Teens need to eat and eat sometimes because they don't have anyone at home to help them. Mothers need to know that their child does not know how t take care of there baby by sending food to to them. 

Being Careful   
When it comes to showing the belly you need to be careful to what you hit or touch because that can cause damage for your belly and the baby. Teens need to know that it's so dangerous to not take care of the baby.  People need to know that  you can't just go out like you're a little girl that likes to have fun. Teens when you start holding the baby you need to know that the baby is not a toy you need to be careful the way you hold the baby for the first time after awhile you would get the hang of it.  When you hold the baby for the first time you have to hold the neck and head at the same time because it can cause a brain damage. When the baby is six to eight weeks the baby is supposed to put her/his head up in the air,but you still need to hold the baby's neck. When the belly is showing and your 1-5 months you need to know how to treat the baby in your belly. At the age 4 months the babies are supposed to hold there own bottle with there hands without any problems. 

Work and School

Teens when it comes to work,school, and the babies try to do your best by doing one at once because it helps your brain. When teens get hard work to do they get overwhelmed and don't have a clue what they are doing. Some teens don't care what they do to there life, but they do care when the baby comes or they have to retake a class. What teens need to learn is that  don't wait to the last minute to do things.  When it comes to going to school you need to leave the baby at a babysitter's house and it's hard because you have to pay the babysitter.  It's pretty hard to work and take care of your baby. When you get stressed just take a few deep breathing or take a break.



People think that you should not sleep sideways? But you can but not on top if the belly because you can hurt the baby in series conditions. Teens need more practice at sleeping when it comes to 1-3 months pregnant because you forget easily and sleep on top of the baby. 1-3 months you need to know how to walk and prepare the food when's the bay wants food. When the baby starts to cry you need to run over and see why he/she is crying. Babies don't understand what your going threw right now. When the baby comes you can not put a blanket on top of them because they don't know how to take it off of there face when the are hot, But teens if you put a blanket over the baby he/she can die for that because they don't know how to take the blanket off of them. When the baby is a little older you can put a blanket over them when they start to sleep threw the whole night. Is going to be hard waking up at 3am in the morning because you have school early in the morning you have to go to school that day too, But when the babies cry you need to see what is happening. Some babies wake up and cry because they don't know how to put themselves back to sleep, they want milk, or they need a diaper change.  

Birthday Boy/Girl
The first day they're born you need to know how to hold the baby's head and body. Be careful if you drop the baby. The baby needs to know the mother and father before anybody else holds he or she.  Teens if you put the bay down for a nap make sure that the head is facing up with nothing on top no blanket, no pillows, and no teddy bears next to the baby.  People love to see the baby immediately but first you need to tell them that you need to wash your hands then put on hand sanitizer for the baby doesn't get any germs, sick. When they baby is a little older you can take them out for a walk or to church and other areas. When  the baby turns old enough to walk people are gonna want to carry the baby more often because the baby has more contact with them like say things to them or laughing with them or a them.


First Step/First word
When babies turn 9-12 months they are supposed to take their first step. When they are 14-15 months they are supposed to walk going non-stop. When babies turn 9 months and after they understand the words no,bye-bye. Babies are supposed to talk back to you when they are 12-18. But that's when they can mama and dadda.


Life Lesson

When it's time to enjoy yourself go do it because it doesn't last forever. You need to know how to live your life. When you grow you need to know how to take care of the baby and how to treat them right When your little kids grow up there not going to be little anymore you are going to know how to take care of them you they're little but the real thing is that you have to be there when your kids are down, upset, disappointed, It's not going to be easy when they grow up to be a teenager they are going to have attitude. Teens if you are out here and have nothing to do you need to get some help or read this. Teens when it comes to working you need to know how to pay the bills for your house/apartment. You need to know how to be safe and not starve. Teen being pregnant is not the worst thing in your life.  In life it's not easy having everything on your mind. It's hard because you don't know which one to first the second. You can write it down then start on one then leave the next ones for the other days.

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