Teens and Drugs

October 5, 2016
By LiyahShont'rese BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
LiyahShont'rese BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Most teens usually start doing drugs when they are stressed or want to ease the pain for those who’ve hurt them. A lot of teens say that they have been through alot and are tired of feeling all of the pain. Students say it is easy for them to do what they need to do without worrying about things that hurt them. You will be learning about, how drugs mess up relationships, how it releases stress, and how teens abuse drugs.


You may have had a very close relationship with your parents or friends ,and something has happened between the relationship ,and it affected you. You were so tired of thinking about what has happened, so you decided to do drugs to release the pain. According to the facts,
“He will often criticize others in attempt to remove attention from himself and his drug use”(Goldstein) . I personally, would never do drugs if a relationship got damaged. All you need to do is write down how you feel, tell somebody, or try to forget about what you were doing before. Once you start to get the hang of getting help, or helping yourself out , then you won’t have to worry about drugs.


Many teens say that drugs help them calm down; which relieves stress. If you are worrying about a problem that can’t be fixed, then you will likely use steroids which is also known as drug abuse. According to the text, “The hormone that initiates the body's response to stress, CRF, is found throughout the brain. Drugs of abuse also stimulate release of CRF”.(Redekopp et al. 1985)  I think teens don’t know when they do drugs, that they would have way more stress then they started out with. I  don’t even stress out, and I’m  young.


According to the Top Ten Reasons Why Teens Do Drugs, “Sometimes friends urge one another to try a drink or smoke something, but it’s just as common for teens to start using a substance because it’s readily available and they see all their friends enjoying it.”. (Sometimes Paranoia Is Just Common Sense ) I do agree that most teens have addictions that they can”t fight because they grew up watching everybody around them doing it. Once you start one drug, that will lead to cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, hashish, cocaine, heroin, then to meth. Try your best to stop now.


When teens say it is hard to stop doing drugs, they are really not trying. They don’t want to hurt their bodies, but that is the only way they will not feel the pain. I hoped you learned a lot about how relationships get broken, how people abuse drugs, and how you release all types of stress. Goldstein, S. “Report From the National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Nonmedical Stimulant Use, Other Drug Use, Delinquent Behaviors, and Depression Among Adolescents.” Journal of attention disorders 12.1 (2008): 3–3. Print.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was beacuse, I personaly know a lot of people who do drugs and I don't want to see them go through all the stuff I know will happen to them. I am just trying to get people to understand the consiquences. 

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