We Need to Focus on the Consequences of College Rape

October 6, 2016
By Anonymous

College campuses all over the country have problems with rape at their schools. They claim they are going to put a stop to it, but are they really going to? Universities have been saying that they are going to have more rape kits and build up a more safer school, but recently the crime has been getting so bad that it seems like nobody is doing anything. College campuses need to really start working on making their school a lot safer environment and if the crime ends up happening, then the consequence of the rapist needs to be very harsh.

First, colleges need to break down on college rape because they have really been increasing over the past few years. In an article titled “Campus Sexual Violence Resource List” it states, “It is estimated that the percentage of completed or attempted rape victimization among women in higher educational institutions may be between 20% and 30% over the course of a college career” ( Turner, 2014). This shows that over a normal college career, women are more prone to get raped in college then they are anywhere else. It also shows that the attempted or completed rape percentage isn’t very high, but it's higher than it should be, it should be 0% to 5%.

Next, rape consequences need to be more harsh because rapists are getting out of their prison sentences because of opinions. In an article titled “Remember Brock Turner? From 3 months ago? He’ll leave jail on Friday” it states, “Turner’s lenient punishment is the perfect example of what happens when rape culture and white privilege collide. It didn’t matter that there was mounting evidence against Turner, it didn’t matter that his victim was unconscious and alone, it didn’t even matter that Turner was convicted - the young ‘promising’, ‘successful athlete’ served only 3 months for assaulting a young women” (Vagianos 2016). This shows that he got out of serving 14 years in prison because he is a “successful athlete” and he had a very privileged life. It has a lot to do with white privilege

Finally, colleges should break down on college rape because rape is one of the most common and violent crimes on college campuses and if nobody does anything to stop it now, it most likely won’t stop. In an article titled “The problem of acquaintance rape of college students” it states, “Rape is the most common violent crime on American college campuses today. Most rapes are unreported, perhaps giving campus administrators and police the false impression that current efforts are adequate” (Sampson 2002). This shows that students that get raped usually don’t tell anybody, so schools will never find out that it's happening so people will just keep doing it until someone stops them.

Some people may think that Brock Turner should’ve only served 3 months because he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing. Rape is rape. It doesn’t matter if you are drunk you should know what you are doing to an innocent person. He was originally sentenced 14 years in prison and just because he was a “privileged athlete” he got out of it.

In conclusion, colleges should break down on campus rape because it has really been increasing over the years, rapists aren’t getting harsh enough consequences, and because rape is one of the most common and violent crimes on college campuses.

The author's comments:

Colleges all around America are having campus rape problems. If we don't start doing something about it now, it will eventually get so bad that there will be nothing we can do. 

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