Kids and Guns

October 5, 2016
By , independance, MO

should kids be allowed to fire guns? pistols, snipers, and high caliber rifles, there's no harm, we all know that shooting improves hand eye coordination, and is a great stress reliever. learning to shoot a gun can be a great thing in the long run, imagine your son or daughter finds a real gun on the ground, they haven't learned how to shoot a gun and don't realise that it's real, they pull the trigger and bang someone's hurt or dead, if they had learned to shoot and learned the difference this incident could have been avoided.


JENNIFER DOXEY (CHARLIE'S MOTHER) I knew that he was safe. But it is actually funny because at one part of the video, he looks to the side to look to me to ask for permission. But guns don't have to be bad. I mean, they're good. They're fun. You can have family fun with them.
LATHAM DOXEY (CHARLIE'S FATHER) There's a lot of accidents that happen because kids aren't properly trained to use guns. So it's either, you know, education or ignorance is the way that we look at it. I'd rather be the one showing our kids, you know, the proper way to use guns.
DIANE SAWYER (ABC NEWS) (Off-camera) We're gonna look more closely at that too. We've been in touch with the NRA on this. Again, we hope all sides can come together. ( KIDS AND GUNS EXPOSED)

after firing a gun the kids lost interest and don't want to go back to shooting and now realizes the difference between a fake gun and  a real gun with the dangers that lie with it. shooting can be a great family sport, and lots of fun, and who knows you could be an olympic shooter. also shooting is a great pass time, so are you tired of sitting inside all day but don't like hunting, you can skeet shoot clay pigeons of have target practise.

Others may believe that shooting guns and violent video game is what causes school shootings, well i'm here to tell you that's all that is a logical fallacy, most school shooting are influenced by mental illness, insanity, or school bullying. although it's simple to just say that videogames are the cause and or shooting for sport, there's not a lot of support to backup their claim.


Kids should be allowed to fire guns, it's unethical that it's a bad thing, shooting for sport or for target practice is great for the mind and body.

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