Ban smoking in public places

March 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Imagine someone that you care deeply for is dying, just before your eyes and there's nothing you can do to help. Sure you can't help the person you love if they couldn't even help themselves, but you can help save lives. Help save the innocent lives of young children who can't decide for themselves that's why I believe that smoking should be banned from public places.

My first reason why I believe that smoking should be banned is because of second hand smoke. Did you know that inhaling smoke from a cigarette is called second hand smoke and that it's not good for your health? Secondhand smoke is worse for your health than the person who's actually smoking the cigarette. Children who are underage and isn't fully matured can't handle the smoke so children's under the age of seventeen are most likely to die from secondhand smoke. At least 3,000 deaths a year are due to secondhand smoking.
Smoking can cause many illnesses. By banning smoking people won't have to suffer from lung cancer. In one year 4,000 people died from lung cancer. Here in the U.S. we end up using 97.2 billion American dollars on health care costs. 87% of the money we use for health care is due to lung cancer cases. Did you know that smoke or secondhand can shorten a person's life span? Smoking can shorten a person's life span from 1-7 years. Some people don't realize this but their insides are rotting little by little because of the of the tar that people inhale when their smoking.

Smoking does nothing but hurt the smoker on the outside and also their insides. Also the insides are the most likely to get damage. Sure smoking can make the smoker skinny but it also makes their nails yellow and their teeth yellow. To avoid these harsh circumstances the best it to avoid smoking.
I believe that banning smoking in public places is a good thing for kids. Take a park for an example I know that there are a lot of people that goes their once in awhile with people that they care about. I know because I have little brother's that I care deeply about and I wouldn't want them to have lung cancer or get into secondhand smoking. So ban smoking and keep a healthier community.

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