World of Wishes

March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Did you ever wish for something to come true but never did even though you prayed to every god you can think of? Yeah i did, i wished for alot of things in life to come true like getting away from this world into a better one. But theres one thing you learn...wishes never come true no matter how much you pray for them. They will always be there though waiting for that one time when they do come true. Dont bother praying to any od for help they dont care about you there not even real. Gods dont exist there figments of imagination made up by the mortal mind. If you ever read this and your having family problems like arguing an abusive parent dont be mad or sad. Sand up and dont be afraid call the cops make your own wish come true. if its arguments dont be scared stand up to your mother and father make them see things that they cant see becuase of their blind rage. Make them see your suffering and how it tears you up inside and the deep emotion you feel. If its money problems... its lifes biggest lesson its hard for everyone. all i can really say is try to ride the storm out and hope something good can happen. look in newspapers for a good job for your parents or make them o look for jobs and fill out applications. problems like this affect americans and pepole around the world every minute of the day. every minute a child is being abused,evry minute a child hears his or her parents argue, every minute is a minute you can change this. make your own wish come true stand out and stand up for yourself and your family. If your still scared my advise is to relax and think of the things that has happened in your life. do you want this to continue to happen? can you stand the abuse the arguments? take it from me stand out and stand up for what ou believe is right and remember one thing. Every minute is a minute you can do something to change your life. every minute is a minute you can make your wish come true so if you wish for a better family bond or just a better parent. make a wish come true stand up and stick out and dont be afraid hundreds of kids go through what you go through every minute. your not alone in this world and you will never be alone. if you need a friend i'm here write to me. dont think your alone theres always someone who cares even if your parents dont. and remember what happens to you affects everyone in this world. you die the world dies a little at a time. every life lost to suicide kills our mother earth a littl at a time. she weeps for the deaths that could have been stopped and she weeps for us humans and what we have become and what monsters we have become. Every minute can save a life of someone thinking of suicide becuase of family problems. if you see someone who has bruises or if they look sad every day talk to them. tell them your life and what you go through and together you can make wishes come true for you and thousands of pepole across the globe. Do something dont be afraid and save a life even if its your own. Your never alone in this world believe in yourself and a wish can come true. All you need is faith and knowlege that someone cares just believe and hang on your almost at the end of that long dark tunnel you have been in your whole life and you will see the light soon just believe....

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