A Danger to Us All

February 2, 2009
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Smoking- not only is it an exceedingly atrocious behavior, but it can also ruin one's lifestyle and health. It's like a train that is hard to jump off- smoking can prove dangerously calming and addictive.

What's even worse, however, is that smoking can affect others around you as well. It's what people call second-hand smoke. The dangerous fumes that come from other smokers can come in to your system as well if you're around them a lot, increasing your chances of developing dangerous lung-related diseases like lung cancer.

My grandfather lived in China, and as you know, it's a place with harmful air quality. In metropolitans, the air pollutants always cause the sky to be a murky gray color, so blue skies are rare. My grandfather lived in Nanjing, China. My mother, his daughter, was only a young woman when her father, the grandfather I never had the chance to see, perished.

Curiously enough, he died of lung cancer. He wasn't a smoker. My grandfather abstained from harmful behaviors. He lived as a healthy man, so it was incredibly sad when he died. I never had the chance to see him.

Because of the people around him that smoked, I never had the chance to hold his hands, to have a conversation, even to wave at him. All of those great days in the park we could've lived vanished. All of the dinners we would've had vanished. All of the jokes we would've shared together vanished. He was gone forever, living only as memory on Earth, because of the atrocious habits of others around him.

To prevent these kinds of situations from happening again, smoking should be banned in all public places, like movie theaters, parks, and restaurants. Smokers should suffer from their own bad habits by themselves at home. They should make sure that they don't carry along any other passengers on the train ride to Death.

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