When I Got Diegnosed With P.L.E.

September 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Summer was a bad time. I had to get my gallbladder taken out. During surgery the surgeons didn’t give me lasix so I started to build up fluid, which is bad for my heart. They put fluid in me I couldn’t get it out.) This can lead to heart failure. Lasix is and oral and an IV med which makes you have to pee a lot to get fluid out of you. Now here is my story.
One morning I got up and I tried to get dressed but I couldn’t put on my pants I told my mom and she told me to weigh myself. I was 106 Lb. and I’m normally 96 Lb. I was ten pounds heavier then the day before. Hurriedly I went to the E.R.
When I was at the E.R. they said it was fluid building up and I needed to go to Riley immediately but I was sitting there for two or more hours before they told me that. They were so concerned they didn’t even take out my IV, but they had me sit in the hospital for two hours doing nothing. When I got to Riley we filled out my information and then got me a room. “Does he always look like this?” the doctors asked. “No, he doesn’t” my mom said. Later they asked again and again. They brought a PS2 into my room and my mom and dad wanted them to do something to me because they were just waiting until something happened.
Astonishingly, my shoulder started to hurt. About ten minutes later my head hurt so bad it made me cry; fifteen seconds later I passed out. I was going into heart failure. I don’t remember anything until I woke up lying in a different room. My parents told me I was in the heart wing instead of the surgeon’s wing. They put me on lasix and I was slowly getting better. On the third day I got diagnosed with P.L.E. (Protein Losing Enteropothy)When my protein gets low my blood vessels leak fluid into me and it builds up then I can go into heart failure.

On the fourth day they put me on a wireless monitor so I was able to walk around the wing. There was one problem; it had a tracking device so I couldn’t escape, so they say. I tried to convince my mom to wear it so I could escape. She wouldn’t let me. Then I told the nurses I was going to jump out the window onto the balcony. They wouldn’t let me do that so I tried to think of a way to escape. It was funny; one nurse thought I was really going to jump onto the balcony.
Finely on the fifth and last day I got to go home but I had to go with a new rare deadly horrible disease, it’s so sad. That’s the third rare deadly disease I have the others are I.T.P. (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpua) my platelets are low and they drop and I bring myself back up. If my platelets are low enough if I get cut I can bleed to death. I can tell when my platelets are low, when I get Patricia or little pin Point red dots on my skin. The other disease is H.L.H.S

(Hypoplastic left heart Syndrome) I was born with my left ventricle not fully developed so they made my lungs pump my blood. They did about five or more surgeries on my heart. After the surgery when they where stitching me up. The surgeries they wired my sternum together. If I get hit in the chest hard enough It could break open. October 2, 2008 is the big day, I will find out if I get to be put on the heart transplant list. If I go on the list I get to be out of school for about five months and I won’t get to go home.
The last day at the hospital I finely I got to go home. It was so exiting I kept telling the nurses to get my IV out of me so I could go home. Then I finely got to go home with a new disease P.L.E. I was so happy to leave but I wish I could have left the disease at the hospital.

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