The Swimming Accident!

February 23, 2009
By Justin Miles BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
Justin Miles BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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One day I was at a friend's house to swim, we had a couple pieces of P.V.C piping and some waffle balls. So I was being dumb and I decided to stick the P.V.C pipe into the air jet of the pool. My friend unknowingly turned to pool pump on while I was still putting the P.V.C pipe in to the jet, once the pump kicked on that pipe shot out of the jet like a bullet out of a gun, the pipe hit me in the eye and cut me open. Then I got out of the pool, my friend and his brother looked at me, freaking out, I dint know why, until they said 'your bleeding.' I went in side the house and into the bathroom I went and I looked at my eye and there was blood flowing out of my face and I tried to stop the bleeding but It would not stop so I just let it bleed until it stopped which took a couple of hours. Once the bleeding stopped my eye was swollen and I could not see out of that eye. My mom came and got me, then we went to the doctors and got my eye checked out to see if I would be able to see or not. Then I went home and had some steak for dinner, and I could not go to see for a couple of hours because of the fact that I could have had a concussion.

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