Can I trust authority

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt that someone that is supposed to protect you let you down? I have. It happened about a month ago. It changed my views on people. It showed me who I can trust.
A little over a month ago I had a seizure on the bus on the way to school. The bus driver, the one in charge, didn't notice. I was lying in the floor in the middle aisle unconscious, and everyone around me noticed but not her.
My friends noticed.
My friends helped me.
My friends called the school to tell them what had happened.
My friends figured out that I was having a seizure.
My bus driver was oblivious.
She continued to be unaware until I threw up. That was when she pulled over and just cleaned it up, and then continued on our merry way to school.
I was met with a wheelchair their and I managed to figure out that it was for me. You see, I couldn't remember the seizure at all. I didn't know what had happened since I had gotten on the bus. I didn't even realized I had a black eye from passing out. The assistant principal had to inform me of that. My mom picked me up and I went to numerous doctors a few minutes later.
The next morning when I got on the bus, the bus driver didn't say anything.
She didn't ask how I was.
She didn't tell me what had happened.
She was oblivious.
My friends told me what happened.
My friends asked if I was ok.
My friends cared.
She didn't.
A few days later after many calls to the county school board and other such places, we got the bus driver's side of the story told through one of the school board people. I checked the story by my friends. They said that it never happened like that. So, my questions are:
Why didn't the bus driver notice?
Why didn't she help me?
Why didn't she tell me what happened?
Why did I have to the story from other people and not the adult?
Was the bus driver making up the story or the school board person?
Can I trust authority anymore?
Or can I only trust my friends?

The author's comments:
I now have General Tonic Clonic Epilepsy. I have to take medication to prevent seizures from happening.

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