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February 12, 2009
By Tara Giese BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Tara Giese BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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People who test on animals harm, abuse, and sometimes death may come as a fait to them. Zoos on the other hand can help reduce the use of animal testing. They can reduce the use of testing by finding the organizations which that help reduce animal testing and take the animals out and put them in zoos for care and give them a home with love and nurturing.

Jenny the elephant is a happy resident at the Dallas Texas zoo! Jenny was founded from her first owner who abused her. So Dallas came to the rescue! First Jenny was going to go the zoo in Mexico, but we decided not to have her leave. Now Texas and Tennessee are debating if Jenny should stay here or go to Tennessee. The Tennessee zoo provides 4.9 acres of land with another female elephant. If Jenny ends up going to Tennessee then the Dallas zoo is putting a different abused elephant in the elephant exhibit! I support Jenny going to the Tennessee zoo if it is safe and caring for her, and because we will have saved two abused elephant?s lives! (Cattanach)

I think zoos provide a great environment for animals. They provide a great environment of love and care. It is also better if you put two animals in the exhibit instead of one because they will act better if they are not the only one there scientist have shown! Even though animal testing is supposed to be illegal, some people go under the law and commit testing.(medical) That is really sad. People should not test on animals because they don?t even have the same body as we do. Their genes, blood, and the rest of there little or big bodies are different. So there is no point of animal testing! What goes on in their bodies is different than what goes on in our bodies (. Danbury)

Did you know that 10,000 primates are tested on everyday! 67% of the primates are used by the pharmaceutical industry and the rest for biological studies and research. ( MEDICAL) Big animals such as horses, alligator/crocodiles, big cats like tigers, hippos, and some little animals such as monkeys, mice, and rabbits are some of the most tested on animals in America. During labs on animals the doctors give them medicine, hair and make-up products, and even put animals inside of animals! I think all the stuff I just listed are cruel and don?t need to be necessary. We don?t need to harm the animals because the animals did not do anything wrong, so why harm them? There must be a different way to test on our medicines and cosmetics. If you are caught testing on animals then you have a high chance of being put in jail or fined.

The Milwaukee zoo founded in Wisconsin plans to build a nine to twelve million dollar hippo exhibit! They want to give us a better visual of the animal doing what it does in a natural habitat. This will also give the hippos a better environment and improve their quality in life at the zoo! (Commentary) Now this is a great zoo that cares for the animals it has taken in from their homes in the wild. The make sure they stay healthy, cared for, nurtured, and loved! It is a great example of how zoos are helpful not harmful!

There are a couple of great organizations out there in the world who try to prevent animal testing. One of those groups is ASPCA, which stands for American society for the protection of cruelty to animals. They try to reduce the pain and suffering of poor animals and get rid of animal testers. This organization was formed in 1866 and is still running today. Some other organizations are PETA which stands for people for the ethnical treatment of animals. They carefully find the biggest animal groups and start with them to find the animals and care and make them healthy. Well the best they can. PETA helps with public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns. It was founded in 1980. Scientific committee on health and environment ( SCHER) was another. In 1877 the humane society was founded. They are the largest most effective animal protection organization. These organizations are the top organizations in America. They all help give animals homes and comfort. They know what is wrong and right, and they are here to help! (Commentary)

Zoos provide a great habitat for animals that we receive from the wild and take in poor abused and tested on animals and provider love and care. I do think zoos are helpful because they don?t mistreat the animals. I do believe that animal testing is wrong and cruel. I wish there was a way I could help reduce testing on animals. Maybe someday I will grow up and that will be my job because I just strongly wan animal testing to stop. The animals on earth have a reason to be on our lovely planet and it is not animal testing. Let?s keep our planet lovely and leave the animals alone for once and keep our environments growing, because animals help plant our food and trees and flowers. The seeds and pollen get stuck on there bodies and fall off into the soil and plant our products. So if we do animal testing then the animals might die off and we won?t have those things that they help us with. They provide life for us so we can at least provide life for them. Animal testing is wrong and zoos help prevent that any whole way they can.

The author's comments:
i love animals so this piece has some interesting facts about it! i am in 8th grade and wrote this piece for an english project!

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