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February 1, 2009
By whyamisoshort? BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
whyamisoshort? BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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Being sick sucks.

In fact, being sick sucks so much, that I thought I would tell all of you how MUCH it sucks. I know you are all like, 'yah Clara, I know it sucks, i've been sick before.' Well yah, and so have I, but I swear that you don't remember how much it sucks untill you are sick again. You get better and you think "oh that wasn't so bad. What was I complaining about?" and then you get sick again and you think "... Oh yah, it is that bad." I only have a cold, and it sucks. Yes, I KNOW you just probobly just had the spanish influenza or what ever (not rly) but I send this to you in sympathy, not in a "oh my life is worse than your's" way. I am also not sending this around looking for sympathy, I just needed to rant via internet.

sooo these are the top 10 reasons (not in any specific order) that being sick sucks.

1. It sucks to use the bathroom. No seriously, there I am, all curled up on my couch feeling bad for myself, because I am sick and all that, and then I realize I have to.. well, you know.. go. So then I have to get up from my warm blanket, walk all the way to the bathroom, and then sit down on the cold seat and.. well.... it sucks

2. It also sucks because I am lazy... I usually pride myself on my early rising, my go get em' attitude etc. When i am sick on the other hand, I do nothing, and I take advantige of people. I lie around and make people do things for me. I told my dad and sister to do all sorts things, like get me food and blankets and to get Josh away from me because he smells bad. etc. I guilt trip everyone, (I am pretty good at it, i just usually chose not to.) I kinda hate myself for doing all that.

3. I hate looking at myself... Gosh that sounds vain, and I don't spend hours looking at myself in the mirror, but everytime I use the bathroom (which stinks, see number one. HAHAHA... NO PUN INTENDED!!) I get up and then i'm like AHHH cuz i see myself in the mirror. My hair is all yucky and my nose is all puffy (rhyme) and I am in yucky wrinkly pjs and it just sucks. oh and I usually wear my glasses which I hate too.

4. I am grumpy and rude. I yell at people because if I am sick and sad, my inner self also feels sick and sad. Therefore, my inner self, dispite my best intentions, lashes out and makes other people feel sick and sad, even if they aren't. I also hate myself for doing that (rawr I rly hate myself when I am sick.) I say things I don't want to, and I am generally mean. so, if I say anything unlike me, it is the deamon cold inside of me, not the sweet loving Clara you all know and love.

5. I get stupid. I am not a stupid person. Don't make any snide comments about that, if you do, I will ignore them, because I know you don't think that about me. I seriously say and do stupid things. Like for instance, I was wrapping my sister's gift, and I first started by cutting the wrapping paper: too small. I then re-cut and started wrapping, INSIDE OUT. I was like "hmm I swear this was patterened a minute ago." then I realized, flipped it over and continued to wrap it. Then I couldn't find the tape, and promptly started to hyperventalate. Then I found it on my knee and finished. I spelled my name and my sister's name wrong, so I had to cover up the first label with another one.

6. I hurt. now you are like 'nooooooo reallyyy Clara??" and i then say... YESS (insert your name here) I DO hurt. my leg's ache, my throat burns, my head hurts, and my eyes hurt the most. Oh wait, no it doesn't that prize is taken by nose, which is red and dry and puffy and generally ugly and red. And you know what, those Puffs with lotion sounds nice right about now (they did not pay me to say that.) And, because of my earth saving ideals, I cut up tissues and then blow my nose with small corners, miss becuase I am stupid (see number 5) and then I have to get up and wash my hands which is almost as bad as using the bathroom (see number one HAHA it is still funny!) and yah. I hurt rly bad. my heart hurts too, but that is another story for a never time.Don't ask, I won't answer. (laughs at her own criptic-ness)

7. Being sick is humiliating...Noone wants to get near you. Like my sister won't get too close, (i.e. 2 foot radius) and my dad is making me carry around hand sanitiser. And if you know me well enough, you would know I hate hand sanitiser. I spited him( see the evil Clara paragraph) by sneezing on the computer, but then I felt bad (note the self loathing part) and i cleaned it up with the dreaded hand sanitizer. now it smells all yucky fruity and such.

8. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I think that speaks for itself, but if it doesn't, read this: I Dont want to feel disgusting while I open my gifts tomorrow and thursday. I will be tired and grumpy and miserable and and and.. it will suck..

9. I am COLD!! I am usually verrryyy cold, but when I am sick, it is worse than usuall...... I can't function without a blanket, and two or three layers of sweaters and such.... and then I still am shivering. Sorry for the Twilight referance, but my hands are most likely colder than Edward's. If you didn't get that referance because you havn't read them, I am sorry. His hands are very cold because his heart doesn't beat, so he has no functioning blood system. He is as cold as marble.

10. I can't hang out with my friends. like ARGH that sucks. Sorry to my freinds, If I get you sick :'( I am VErY Sorry!! so tomorrow while my entire class is crashing my APUSH teacher's Christmas Eve Party, I will not be able to join them and her and her 42 guests.I can't hang out and eat some of her "my food is better than your's" food. And I think i might cry

Oh.. now my neck hurts too

The author's comments:
I wrote this right before christmas when I was very sick and irritated :)

I hope that you like it :)

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