how to feel great

January 13, 2009
By grant katarow, Pewaukee, WI

Often when you come home from school you sit down and do your homework. You think about what you have to all complete. Then while you are sitting down you think how and why do you do all this malignant homework. It just stresses you out each day and it never stops coming it’s almost like it reverberates.
Then the next day when you go to class and you remember that you forgot to do one assignment and then you are fretful. You page threw your book looking for answers. While the period is coming close to an end you only have 5 minutes until your next class. You respite as long as you can so that you can finish. Even though now you’ll be late for class. While you are sitting at the desk in excruciating pain trying to finish your homework it almost seems that you need to be ubiquitous.
Now, the bell rang and you’re late. You feel like you are in a remote area and your class is a million miles away. You turn in your homework and the teacher looks at it as if you are inane. You can’t tell the teacher that you just did it last hour because then the teacher is furious with you.
You ask, “How can I feel good and be prepare for the next harbingering of events so I’m not so stressed out?” Well next time you feel the pressure and you’re stressed out try some of these steps.
1. Do one thing at a time.
2. Simplify your schedule.
3. Double check everything you did that day.
4. Do something calming.
5. Be Early.
6. Set priorities.
7. Learn to let go.
8. Laugh, have a good time.
9. Relax.
10. Sleep.

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