Breathe Within Me

May 7, 2015
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But can you save her?

Is there any way she'll be able to breathe again, on her own?

Will she... survive?

My lungs had collasped for the second time in my life. Once, when I was born. Now, just reaching adulthood, they've decided enough was enough.

They couldn't support me any longer.

I've been placed in a room so white and the ceiling of this room blinds me.

I can't see.

I can't see.

I can't see.

I feel a warm hand brush the length of my cheek.

"She'll make it, she has too."

Possibly the strongest, most sure voice I've heard in my entire life.

But could these words be enough? Can they fix what's broken and heal the gaps closed? Could those same lips somehow breathe life back into my lifeless, unmoving form that's stretched across this hospital bed?

Could I be... more, more than this silly little girl whose forgotten how to breathe?

I can't move my own limbs and air is being pumped into my lungs by a machine. Tubes and needles have poked and stung me but I can't say no.

How can you complain without a voice?

But even without my ability to breathe, and through this endless sorrow, I am still given hope when his warm hand squeezes mine.

"You're going to make it. You did once, didn't you?" He whispered, so so quietly by my ear alone. "Don't you want to grow old, or have the opportunity to walk down an aisle in a fluffy white dress?"

"Don't you want to Live?"

His breath is so sweet so soft, a hushed whispered against my earlobe that travels and ends at my lips.

As if he's trying to breathe that missing life back into me.

Yes, is what I want to tell him. Breathe within me, is what I won't tell him. I want to gow old and walk down an aisle in a white dress.

I want to live.

"Live. Live for those who would miss your smile, who would miss you laugh. Live for the ones who have wronged you and who have loved you." He's saying, desperately. "Live and breathe and die knowing you lived life to the fullest."


Yes, I want these lungs to work.

Yes, I want these limbs of mine to wake up and carry me miles and miles until I can't run any longer.

"But most importantly, Live."

His lips brush against mine and I swear I've imagined it. My chest is pounding, painfully and my muscles are aching. It feels like my lungs have exploded and I can't get enough air no matter how much I cling to it. Somethings being ripped from my body, my throat, and suddenly the air is full of an awful gagging sound.

Oh, my God..

Is she ok?

How is this possible?...

I'm gulping in bucket fulls of air greedily. I'm so thirsty so parched so starved. It's like I've never really breathed before and I'm opening my eyes for the first time.

Hands pat my shoulders and the middle of my back. I hear cries of happiness and disbelief, yells of excitment and fear.

But one voice is so clear, so stunningly familiar that I close my eyes just to hear it alone.

"Hello, Angel. Welcome back to life."

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Candy^^ said...
Sept. 2, 2015 at 12:25 pm
Beautiful.... you should make this into a book or something.
ScarlettJ. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Nov. 16, 2015 at 12:26 pm
Thank you ^^ I was originally going to, but stuck with this. I'm thinking about it though!
Anastasia.Z replied...
Nov. 19, 2015 at 1:58 pm
You better be writing a book!! This would be sooo cool!
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