It's Been So Long

January 30, 2014
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I finally saw my cousin in years now and I stared up at his face, and all I saw was a young teenage boy who was rotten up, and a high school drop-out. Images flow through my head as if I seen all the hurtful things that has happened to him all his life. I saw him being hurt by people he called his “friends”, just yearning for someone to love and care about him, but always only had himself. Everything seemed so hard and I wondered, was drugs the only way for him to go. He walked out to the front yard and took out a cigarette to smoke, I then approached him. I slowly reach my shaky hands towards his and grabbed the cigarette with tears running down my face, I drop the cigarette to the floor and sobbed, “stop doing this to yourself, you're just hurting yourself and I don’t want you hurt. I love you, please stop.” Tears continuously rolling off my cheeks I looked up to him and saw tears rolling down his too.

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