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January 27, 2014
By , Resica Falls, NJ
Within the last 96 hours, my life has done nothing but end up in a tail-spin. At the beginning of the year I was planning on going into the United States Army, but now I am just hoping that I will not be expelled from my school.

Friday was the day when my entire life went completely off track. I know a lot of people on this website will think I am being ridiculous or over-reacting, but trust me when I state "I have never been more afraid in my life."

You see Friday was the first day that I ever had marijuana.

Most people think that it is fun to smoke or eat but trust me when I say it has a darker-side.

I spent more time crying that night than I have cried my entire life. I watched one of my best friends in the entire world pass out and then rushed to the hospital; I was questioned, nearly arrested, and then ended up going to the hospital myself.

The biggest problem I have now is the fact that every time I close my eyes to go to sleep all I can see is her passed out body and the thought that she was going to die and never know how much of a friend and sister she was to me.

So I guess all I am trying to do is warn anyone that is reading this that you should think before you act because you don’t know what can happen, or whose life can be destroyed.

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Hope said...
Feb. 7, 2014 at 9:57 pm
I know that this is probably not much consolation. But I do not think you will get punished to severely, you made a wise decision in getting your friend to the hospital, and many kids try marijuana, so I think if you make it clear that you will not again, people should cut you some slack. Hang in there.
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