Love, Sex, Heartbreak & Depression

January 26, 2014
By Anonymous

Love is something everyone goes through. Mostly girls are the one who is more caught up in it then guys. Some people say they are in love but honestly, love can lead to a horrible depression stage.

Like most young people, it all starts with the boy. Oh yes, the boy that you think you will spend the rest of your life with. You get to know the person then bam, you "fall in love". You make that person you whole world, everything you do is about them, you can't go without them. Love is a strong feeling and most teenage girls don't get that forever isn't real. Don't get me wrong, most cases will be. Anyway, then once that "love" that the girl feels is strong to where they think they are ready.

Ready for the next step isn't what you think. It isn't all fun and games. At first it is magical and perfect. You think that the guy who you did it with will love you. Won't leave you. Well again, sometimes that is true. But honestly, it’s not. It’s a mess. You will love it and won’t regret it but losing your virginity at such a young age like 12-15 is not right. Yes, I know most people do it to look cool but look at the bad part. The teasing, the bullying, for gosh sakes the guy is going to tell all his friends. The fact you could end up pregnant is another thing or get a STD. Let’s go on to the next part. Heart break.

Heart Break is a horrible thing after having sex with a guy. You get all depressed and just feel like the whole world just ended. Your life takes a toll and you feel like dying but you don’t. You are just broken and sad. You feel like they just used you for your body. Thinking that the boy you gave everything to is just a player and he never loved you. This could be true. I learn from it.

It’s hard. It’s what happened. To all the girls and guys that this has happened you. It is in the past and the guy or girl wasn’t worth your time. Stay Strong

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