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Safe Sex vs. Unprotected Sex

Everybody’s doing it…but are they doing safely?

We all know that they’re doing it behind your backs; yes your teens are having sexual relations. But are they doing it safely? Most teenagers say that they use condoms when in reality they aren’t, and are making the chances of either getting pregnant or getting an STD. If they feel that they are old enough to have sex then they should be old enough to have safer sex. Even if we tell them that they aren’t old enough to be have that kind of relationships at their age, they will just let it go in one ear and out the other and continue going on behind your back.
Teens should have safe sex to protect themselves from STD’s and pregnancy because it will reduce the risk of picking up an STD, getting a child that they can’t raise and support financially, and, hopefully, build up their responsibility.

Now, I understand that some feel that teenagers are too young and inexperienced, and even if they do use a condom it could still break. But as the teens get older they are going to start saying “I’m not a kid anymore”, even though they still are, we cannot control what they do, we can only say how we feel about the choices they are making. I understand this one hundred percent; yes they are young and still are kids but if they feel that they are an “adult” then that’s that it’s stuck deep down in their brain.

Teens should be allowed to have safe sex, meaning use a condom and birth control. Now there’s this worry that condoms aren’t 100% reliable to prevent HIV, STD, HPV etc. well nothings 100% reliable and condoms ONLY protects the area that it is covering. So teens are still risking getting an infection, for example if one of the partners has herpes around the ball sack and there is an open herpes blister then the virus can be passed that way. Also if the condom IS NOT put on properly then it could break, slip off, tear without knowing.

Why should teenagers be allowed to have sex? They need to be focused on school, and not have sex until they get married. Well there are third world countries that have a certain age where they consider you an adult and they can get married at fifteen or sixteen. Yes they need to have their mind focused on school not sex. But what happens when summer comes about and they don’t need to focus on school? Not everybody is the same, you can’t make someone do something, and you can only tell them your feelings and thoughts about their choices.
Why? Why do teens have sex? They do it because of peer pressure; they don’t want to get judged by their friends. Pressure from a partner the inability to say NO. Sexual attraction; we’re human and are sexually attracted to others. Also the parents can be their influence; because they can abuse sex meaning they’re parents will have sex while they are home. So when they see their parents having sex they’re going to say hey they do so I have to.

So why can’t teenagers be allowed to have safe sex? They see their parents doing it; and only 54% of graduate students have not had sex. So I feel strong that if they feel that they want to have sex help them have safer sex.

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milly97 said...
today at 1:36 pm:
Very nice article, I dont agree with it. but you have a good point of view.
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