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What's the Big Deal

By , Hartland, WI
Today sports are starting to become just jokes to players. Or it seems like it anyway. The article “What’s the big Deal”, by Deni Carise, is about professional baseball players who use steroids. She writes on how the game today is being abused with this drug. She states several baseball players who have been accused taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs in there careers, such as Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, and Rodger Clemens.

Personally this article is a very interesting article topic to write one due to the fact that it still goes on in today’s professional sports. Which baseball has been the most talked about sport of the use of steroids. People would agree that its “Un-American” to use and its cheating. I could see why it would be cheating, but UN-American that’s taking it a little too far.

The fact that players are using those drugs to recover from injuries faster, and make their game better is disappointing because for me as a fan I want to watch a game and watch their real athletic ability play the game. Not some player whose jacked up on steroids its seems to me that isn’t really that same player playing.

Another thing that caught my attention was all the side effects steroids can give you. Shrinking of the testicles, aggressive behaviors, and developing breast, high blood pressure, risk of liver and heart dieses are just some of the side effects. Why would anyone want to develop any of these side effects? Some of the effects are life threatening. It amazes me that people would go take the risk and take steroids just to hit a couple of home runs.

The image that it brought on the sport for younger kids is a horrible. Many kids around the world play the game of baseball. You have little kids that look up to some of these baseball players as role models and what they don’t know is that there role model is using an illegal drug. I don’t think that’s the right message to be sending. Maybe there is good in them maybe there isn’t. But I think doing a once a month drug test for major league baseball team would help the use of steroids. I don’t see what the big deal in that is.

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