Letter to an Underachiever

December 6, 2013
By benedrill55 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
benedrill55 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Dear Underachiever:

Life is a wonderful thing, let’s get that established right off the bat. Whether you care about doing well in school, or just getting by at school. You might not care about being good at a sport, just being in it to be with your friends. My point with this letter is to encourage you to do everything you possibly can with everything God gave you. Like in the sermon at church this week, my pastor was saying to use what God gave you, make sure that you use it. It is worse to live cautiously by what you have then go out there and try your best.

If you have a goal, why not go get it? People will be quick to put you down, those people don’t matter. All that matters is you, and your goal. What separates you from your goal is yourself. Nothing else matters. The only one who can stop you is you. All the people who have potential, which is almost everybody, can take it and use it as they please. Or they can take the easy route, and throw it all away. Some people choose to glide through their early years on just skill, but in the end, the hard workers and other kinds of people will sort themselves out into successful and not successful.

You are probably wondering what makes me want to motivate you. What makes me care about how successful other people are? All people start off with potential, and like I said before they can decide how they want to use it or not. If they do use it to their best abilities, it makes for a better world, and that is courteous to other people. If everyone feels like bettering themselves, then this world will be a better place, and that's why I care.

Everyone has something to be proud of, or something they can be proud of with some work. People are always told how tough things are, how impossible it is to “go big” in something. Sadly but true, people are rarely told how possible things are with a little work under your belt. Everyone will always say that someone is inhuman if they are good at what they do. But have they possibly thought that the person wanted that goal so badly that they possibly couldn’t assimilate the word failure with their ultimate goal? It will be tough, nothing comes easy, everything is earned. Your mind will give up on you, your body will be sore, but you have to learn to love the things that make you better. Keep the ultimate goal in mind, you will be a better person in the end. You will feel better about yourself. If you keep the place you want with your end goal and keep striving towards it, good things will come.

There is a quote that says “When you die, make sure that’s the only thing you have left to do.” Now let that sink in, why have the regret that you didn’t do everything you possibly could have in life? Leave absolutely nothing left in your body. So to wrap this whole thing up, work hard for what you want. There's gold in the human body. You can do whatever you dream, so go get it.


The Person You Will Be

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