Serenity within Spinning

October 11, 2013
By EmmaSJacobs GOLD, London, Other
EmmaSJacobs GOLD, London, Other
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For those who do not like cycling, sweating or feeling as though you are on death's door- I do not recommend you carry on reading. For all the rest of you let me share my ethereal experiences.

The room is hot. The lights are bright. The pace is fast. No, I am not talking about a nightclub; what I'm discussing is greater, harder and even more nauseating- a spinning class.

Spinning is the act of cycling on a fixed bike to an energetic beat and the shouts of a strict instructor. Even those who lightly perspire, on most occasions, emerge 45 minutes after entering dripping in sweat with skin a deep shade of burgundy.

Not only do I regard spinning as an outlet but also I find it fills me with energy. So if you want to feel and look better I recommend you head down to your local gym and spin your worries away.

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